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Any HPD, residential, or commercial property is expected to have boiler room signs. Since boilers are such important parts of heating a building, there are several signs – some of which are mandated by the New York City law – that are required to be placed on our near the boiler room for anyone that is in or near that property.

At Signs NY, we can easily create these boiler room signs, and make sure that the are available as quickly as possible so that you can keep up to code. With our skilled printers and experience with property signs and HPD signs, we know how to create the boiler room signs that your building needs.

Types of Boiler Room Signs in New York City

Within HPD building signs, there are many different signs (HPD Building Signs Online Catalog) that a boiler room can have or need. Some of these include:

  • Boiler Room Warning Signs – The most common sign is a warning signs for boiler rooms. Boiler rooms can be dangerous places to be for the inexperienced, and only specific people should have access. It is required that there is a sign on the door that warns people – as well as informs people – of where the boiler room is.
  • Keys to the Boiler Room – There are times when someone needs access to the boiler room right away. Usually this is the HPD inspector. HPD rules require that the building successfully label the name and location of the person with the boiler room key. Some choose to also add contact information when necessary, but only the name and location/apartment number are required.

You may also choose to add an "Authorized Personnel Only" sign, either as a part of the warning sign for the boiler room or as a standalone sign. Some also label only the boiler room with no warning.

Boiler Room Sign Placement

Boiler room label and warning signs should be posted on the door of the boiler room. The sign that indicates who has the key to the boiler room should be in two places – the first place should be on the door of the boiler room. The second location should be near the entrance of the property.

The boiler room key sign should be approved by the HPD if it is an HPD sign.

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For those that are in need of their own boiler room signs, call Signs NY today. Our team of sign experts fully understands all property signs – including HPD signs – and will make sure that you have the right sign for your boiler room, or whatever you may need on your property.

If you need boiler room signs in New York City, call Signs NY today at (718) 453-8300.

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