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red carpet rentals for events nyc

Red Carpets | Make Your Event Memorable

Our red carpet rentals are the perfect celebrity treatment for major and minor events. Used at movie premieres, theater openings, corporate events, and even personal and private gatherings like weddings and birthday parties. Give every event the royal touch with red carpet rentals that turn a drab event into a special event that is ready for photos. Rent just the red carpet alone, or with all the other accouterments.

stanchion and rope rental for events nyc

Stanchion and Rope

Control the flow of the crowd and highlight the look of the red carpet with our stanchion and rope rentals here at Signs NYC. Perfect for designating VIP areas, creating clear sightlines to enhance the look of the red carpet, or for simply creating a barrier that protects those walking down the aisle, our stanchion and rope rentals add a premium look that will make your event more special.

backdrop stands rental nyc

Backdrop Stands

Signs NYC can print custom backdrops that can be used at any event, or we can provide rental backdrops for those that need photo spaces for celebrities or special guests. Great for adding a logo or showing off a cause, backdrop stands are used at celebrity gatherings, weddings, and more to make sure that the background of the event is both branded and perfect for photography.

Industry That Uses Red Carpet Rental

Signs NYC rents a variety of red carpets and backdrop stands in various lengths and colors to complement the theme of your event. Some of the industries that commonly benefit from our rental services are as follows:

concert halls

Concerts Halls

For events and shows at concert halls, we can provide red carpets and other products to decorate a special welcome point for the guests.



We rent a variety of different red carpets and backdrops for photoshoots and portfolio shoots in NYC and surrounding areas.

cultural institutions

Cultural Institutions

Cultural institutions benefit from our rental services with products for festivals and cultural events to complement their premises.


Corporate Events

Many businesses require backdrops and red carpets for their corporate events to create a professional look for their clients and guests.



Custom banners, backdrops, and red carpets all are popularly used for all sorts of sports events for welcome, presentations, and award ceremonies.

movie theaters nyc


Theatres popularly use our red carpet rental services for movie premieres and special events for welcoming the guests.

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