Food Truck Wraps

We specialize in food truck vinyl wraps and food trailer wraps. With our 20 years of experience in vehicle wrapping. We can do it all for you. 

Custom Food Truck and Cart Wrapping in NYC

At Signs New York, we craft vinyl wraps that do more than just advertise; they set a standard and tell a story. Our food truck wrapping services are designed to make your vehicle a landmark on wheels, instantly recognizable and always memorable.

By combining our expertise in vinyl wraps with your unique brand message, we help your food truck become the talk of the town. Stay ahead of the competition with Signs New York, where exceptional wrap design meets strategic marketing.

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What are Food Truck Wraps?

Food truck wraps are large vinyl graphics or decals applied to a truck’s exterior surfaces to transform its appearance and communicate branding, menu information, and other promotional messages. These wraps essentially act as mobile advertisements for the food truck’s offerings and brand.

Designs are printed onto high-quality vinyl and skillfully installed on the truck’s surface. Wraps offer distinct benefits like enhanced branding, mobile advertising, customization, cost-effectiveness, and paint protection.

Food truck wraps have become a popular and effective way for food truck owners to enhance their mobile businesses’ visual appeal and create a memorable and professional image in the minds of customers.

Custom Vinyl Graphics for All...

When considering vehicle wraps for the food industry, choosing the type of vehicle that aligns with your business model and target audience is important. Let your vehicles do the talking with our custom wrap solutions. We’re dedicated to making your food business an unforgettable visual delight.
Food truck wraps
Food Truck Wraps

Mobile kitchens on wheels,
Wrapped designs boost their meal deals.

food cart wraps
Food Cart Wraps

Smaller than trucks, they stand still,
Graphics enhance their curb appeal.

food trailer wraps
Food Trailer Wraps

Towed behind vehicles, they serve and go,
Their decorative skins make their menu show.

Some of Our Previous Work

Check out our gallery of previous work to see the high-quality wraps we have created for our clients.

Types of Food Truck Wraps

There are several types of truck wraps that businesses can use to promote their brand and increase visibility on the road.

full truck wraps

Full Wrap

With full wraps, your food vehicle becomes an unmissable presence that stands out wherever it goes. By enveloping your vehicle in vibrant graphics and messaging, you create a mobile billboard that promotes your brand, attracting eyes on the road.

partial truck wraps nyc

Partial Wraps

Partial wraps strategically showcase key aspects of your brand and offerings, sparking curiosity and encouraging onlookers to explore further. By providing tantalizing glimpses of your culinary delights, partial wraps generate an element of intrigue that captivates potential customers.
spot graphics truck wraps nyc

Spot Graphics

Spot graphics serve as visual signposts, directing viewers’ eyes to critical elements such as your logo, contact details, or menu highlights. These targeted visuals ensure that essential information is instantly noticeable, enhancing overall visibility and impact.

Leading Food Truck Wraps Provider in New York City

Food Delivery Services

Elevate your brand with our wraps on your delivery vehicles, ensuring your offerings are impossible to miss as they journey to hungry customers.

Catering Companies

We help catering businesses showcase their culinary prowess and service excellence, making a lasting impression at events and gatherings.

Bakery and Dessert Vans

Our wraps transform dessert transportation into an enticing visual delight, promising delectable treats and quality craftsmanship.

Mobile Restaurants

Our wraps help mobile eateries stand out, showcasing their culinary specialties and inviting patrons to savor their unique offerings.

Pop-Up Food Stalls

Our wraps provide an instant brand presence for temporary food stalls that captures the essence of your offerings and values.

Specialty Food Businesses

Turn your mobile specialty business into a visual masterpiece with our wraps, reflecting the essence of your unique food products.

Coffee and Beverage Trucks

Enhance your coffee or beverage truck’s appeal with our wraps, spotlighting your unique menu and inviting customers to indulge.

Ice Cream Trucks

Our wraps create an irresistible allure for ice cream lovers, making your mobile sweet haven a favorite among families.

Farmers' Market Vendors

Utilize our wraps to highlight the freshness and quality of your produce, resonating with health-conscious and locally-minded consumers.

How Much Does It Costs to
Wrap a Food Truck?

Are you thinking of giving your fleet of vehicles a new look, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a paint job? A wrap is almost always a more cost-effective option. Wrap prices vary depending on the coverage of the wrap, but in general, wraps cost less than a full paint job.


  •     New York
  •     New Jersey
  •     Philadelphia

Full Wrap

  • $3200
  • $2800
  • $2800

Partial Wrap

  • $1800
  • $1800
  • $1600

Spot Graphics

  • $1400
  • $1400
  • $1200

Incorporating Our Wraps into Your Food Business Strategy

When you partner with Signs New York, you’re tapping into a wealth of advantages for your food business strategy. No matter if your vehicle is a food truck, cart, or trailer, our wraps excel in elevating brand visibility, fostering engagement, and boosting your promotional endeavors. 

Brand Visibility: Wraps amplify brand recognition on the road and at events for food trucks, carts, and trailers.

Mobile Promotion: Turn your vehicle into a moving advertisement, reaching a diverse audience effectively.

Engagement Boost: Captivate passersby, encouraging exploration and interaction with your brand.

Cost-Effective: A lasting investment with high impact, offering long-term exposure.

Customized Expression: Express your brand's identity creatively and uniquely.

Versatility: Wraps can be applied to various vehicle types, ensuring adaptability.

Protection and Appeal: Wraps safeguard your vehicle's paint while maintaining its visual appeal.

Event Standout: In events, wraps attract attention and help attendees locate your business effortlessly.

Signs NYC
Signs New York is your partner in premium truck wraps and commercial fleet vehicle graphics. We amplify your brand’s resonance by boasting 30+ years of experience and a proficient team. Connect with us today to explore how we can accelerate your business growth.

Our Truck Wrapping Process

Here is our truck wrapping process, from start to finish:


We sit down one-on-one with our clients and come up with a layout for the wrap. This includes discussing the design, colors, and other key elements.

Designer assigned

A designer is then assigned to work with the client to create a final design. The designer will incorporate the client’s branding and marketing messages into the wrap to create a cohesive and effective design.

Vinyl printed

Once the design is finalized, the vinyl is printed on a large format printing machine. The graphics are carefully trimmed and prepared for installation.


Our team of experienced installers carefully applies the wrap to the vehicle, ensuring a seamless and professional finish.
vinyl wrap removal services

Wrap Removal Services

Our team of experienced installers can safely and efficiently remove wraps from vehicles, leaving the underlying paint intact. This can be useful if you want to change the design of your wrap or if you no longer need the wrap on your vehicle.
vinyl wrap repair services

Wrap Repair Services

If your wrap has been damaged by scratches, chips, or other types of wear and tear, we can repair it to restore its appearance and protect it from further damage. Our team has the skills and experience to repair wraps quickly and effectively, so you can continue to promote your brand on the road.

No Matter Where You Are,
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Ready to stand out and attract a hungry crowd? Our wraps turn your vehicle into a powerful marketing tool. Make every journey count, boost your brand’s visibility, and capture hearts and appetites alike. 

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