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Elevate Your NYC Events with Custom Graphics Solutions

Welcome to Signs NYC, where we bring over 20 years of sign-making expertise to the heart of New York City with remote offices in New Jersey and Philadelphia. Specializing in bespoke event graphics, we are dedicated to transforming your meetings, gatherings, and special occasions into visually stunning experiences. From the bustling trade shows at the Javits Center to the exclusive gatherings in Manhattan’s luxury hotels, our custom graphics are designed to captivate and impress.

Whether you’re launching a new business, hosting a corporate event, or organizing a school or college function, our team is equipped to deliver high-quality, tailor-made graphics solutions. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensures that each sign, banner, or display we create perfectly aligns with your vision and event theme. At Signs NYC, we’re not just printing signs; we’re crafting memorable impressions for every event in NYC.


Your One-Stop Shop for All NYC Event Signage Needs

Specializing in a range of event signage, including directional signs, stage graphics, and promotional displays, tailored for conferences, trade shows, and corporate gatherings.


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Printed Wall Graphics - Jacob Javits Center

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Custom Graphics - Javit's Center

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Gallery Event Signages - NYC


Custom Boards For Events

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Floor Displays - Conference Signage

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Event Directional Signs on Boards - NYC

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Printed Banner Stands - Schools

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Wall Letters - Event Sign

Servicing New York City's Top Event Locations

At Signs New York, we’re your event partner, proudly serving all key locations across our dynamic city. Whether your event is at a renowned convention center, a trendy expo, or a luxurious hotel, we’re there. We extend our dedicated services to local businesses and warmly welcome those visiting from across the states. Count on us to deliver high-quality event signs, on time, every time, adding to the vibrancy of your New York City event.
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Javits Center Events: Exceptional Graphics and Signage Services

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Full Service Event Signage + Graphics Under One Roof

Booth Lettering

Boost your booth's impact with eye-catching, professional vinyl wall lettering

Floor Graphics

Enhance your space with striking floor graphics - a unique, engaging way to guide and impress your visitors.

Directional Signage

Maximize visibility with our floor stands - perfect for showcasing messages and directing traffic at any event.

Visual Graphics

Captivate your audience with dynamic visual graphics, designed to make every event memorable and impactful.

Posters and Signs

Captivate your audience with dynamic visual graphics, designed to make every event memorable and impactful.

Vinyl Wrapping

Transform surfaces with our vinyl wrapping, a versatile solution for impactful, custom branding at your events.

Custom Displays

Elevate your event with custom displays, designed to create engaging, memorable experiences for your audience.

Crowd Control

Manage event crowds effectively with our reliable, customized crowd control solutions

Large Vinyl Graphics

Impress with large graphics: bold, high-quality visuals that make your event stand out


Most Popular Event Related Signs

Indoor event signs are the behind-the-scenes heroes of successful events. They guide your guests, amplify your brand, and create a captivating atmosphere. From attractive banners to intuitive digital displays, these signs are the key to making any event space engaging and easy to navigate. Interested in making your next event a standout experience? Let’s talk about the value indoor event signs can bring.

vinyl banners

Vinyl Banners

These can display key information, brand logos, or event details. They are highly versatile and can be hung from walls, ceilings, or stands.

large paper posters

Paper Posters

Ideal for conveying important information or promotional content, posters can be placed in high-traffic areas for maximum visibility

retractable banner stands

Banner Stands

Lifesize cutouts or standing displays can provide a fun, interactive element or serve as a promotional tool.

table top stands

Tabletop Displays

Perfect for branding, information dissemination, or advertising on tables and counters.

outdoor signs nyc

Outdoor Banners

Large and versatile, banners can display key messages, promote brands, or give directions.

outdoor led channel letter signs

LED Illumination

Perfect for digital messaging, they can display dynamic content like schedules or advertisements.

Sidewalk A Frame signs nyc

A-Frame Signs

Ideal for sidewalk messaging, they can direct foot traffic or advertise highlights.

yard signs printing

Yard Signs

Useful for providing direction or information in outdoor, grassy areas.

directory signs

Directional Signs

These help guide attendees to different sections of the venue, such as restrooms, exits, or specific activities.

20141107 163840 scaled

SEG Light Box

Screens displaying dynamic content, from event schedules to social media feeds, add a modern touch.

floor decals company

Floor Graphics

These can guide foot traffic or advertise event features right under attendees' feet.

backdrop printing services


Used on stages or photo areas, backdrops can make a strong visual impact and promote branding.

Using Event Signs and Graphics

Trade Show Booth Displays & Signs

Attract visitors with our vibrant banners and digital displays, turning your booth into the star of the show.

Product Launch

Make your new product unforgettable with engaging tabletop displays and standees that highlight its key features.

Press Conference

Get your message across with our professional signage, including backdrops and poster displays, that ensures your press conference is a headline-grabber.


Keep your audience engaged with clear, visually striking A-frame signs and digital displays that reinforce your presentation's key points.

Corporate Events

Build a strong brand presence at your corporate events with our coordinated indoor and outdoor signage including floor graphics and LED signs.


Guide attendees effortlessly at large conventions with our directional signs, banners, and engaging booth displays.

Community Events

Engage your local community with our inviting yard signs and flags that create a sense of belonging and involvement.

Grand Opening

Announce your business in style with our captivating banners, window decals, and outdoor LED signs for an unforgettable grand opening.

Sporting Events

Amp up the game spirit with our flags, feather banners, and large-scale billboards guiding fans and showcasing your event's highlights.

Charitable & Fundraiser Events

Drive participation at your charity event with our informative poster displays and digital signs, making your cause the center of attention.

Campaign & Political

Influence your target audience with our impactful yard signs and banners, ensuring your political message resonates with voters.

Fairs & Festivals

Keep your attendees informed and engaged at your fair or festival with our vibrant flags, banners, and directional signs guiding them through all the fu


New York City • New Jersey • Philadelphia • Scranton

Large-Scale Event Graphics Printing in NYC!

Discover the pinnacle of large-scale event graphics with Signs NYC, where our advanced printing capabilities bring your vision to life on a grand scale. As a premium graphics printer in the heart of New York City, we pride ourselves on our cutting-edge roll-to-roll machines and flatbed printing technology, ensuring every detail is sharp, vibrant, and impactful.

Our services range from crafting small, rigid signs to producing expansive, large boards, catering to the diverse needs of your events. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large-scale trade show, our versatility in printing sizes and materials makes us the go-to choice for businesses and event organizers across NYC.  

At Signs NYC, we don’t just print; we create visual experiences. Our commitment to using the latest technology in flatbed and roll-to-roll printing allows us to deliver premium quality graphics, no matter the scale. Trust us to transform your event space with graphics that not only stand out but also stand the test of time.
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