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New York City is known for its events. There is a lot that goes into these events, including planning the food, the music, and the schedule. But events also need signs, and there are often specific types of signs that are ideal for the type of event, such as outdoor event signage, indoor event signage, small events, large events, and more.

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What Are Event Signs?

Most events use signs or displays of some kind. Signs may be used to advertise sponsors, show people where each section is located, or even just decorate the space so that it looks more impressive to the eye. Signs can be used for major events like red carpets and trade shows, or for small events like birthdays and school plays. As we discussed, signs are not just for advertising. There are signs that announce, signs that decorate, and more. There are also displays of all shapes and sizes that are needed by the event planners, as well as those needed by attendees (such as for trade shows). Any time you need an event sign of some kind, Signs NYC is there to help, capable of providing you with the best in quality custom signage to make sure that you have the perfect design for whatever it is you’re trying to display.

Types of Event Signs

As a full service sign company, Signs NYC is able to make essentially any type of sign with any type of material, from the smallest metal or paper signs to the largest 3 dimensional or lighted signs and everything in between. But there are some common sign types that are used at these types of NYC events, including

event vinyl banners nyc

Vinyl Banners

Signs NYC specializes in event banners, we have many customizing choices for our event banners. You can select from vertical and horizontal sizes, as well as matte and glossy finishes.

custom banner stands new york city

Banner Stands

Banner stands are popular at trade exhibitions and other events/ retail businesses; they can be utilized in a variety of settings, providing you with an eye-catching sign that is sure to create an impression.

custom event parking signs nyc

Event Parking Signs

The first step in making your event a success is to have event parking signage that directs everyone to the correct path. It is made using heavy-duty aluminum or high-grade reflective materials.

custom floor graphics nyc

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are durable signs that can be used in nearly any size, font, or image, with the only limit being your location size, they are easy to apply, clean, and remove.

table signs for events

Table Tops

Branded tabletops and runners are popular in events as they give your event a professional and sophisticated appearance while still showcasing your brand.

custom hanging-displays signage nyc

Hanging Ceiling Displays

Hanging Ceiling Displays capture attention from a distance and are visible to virtually everyone, making them ideal for trade fairs, malls, airports, and other venues.

Material Options

Signs NYC uses the most recent technology and big format printers with latex ink to print your event signage. The materials are not only UV resistant, but also long-lasting. They are easily customizable to your demands, so you can select from a wide range of unique materials, some of them are as follows:

grommeting nyc


Grommets can be added to your event banners to increase their longevity. We provide 0.5” metal grommets, however, these may be customized.

pole pockets nyc

Pole Pockets

The pole pockets sewed at the top and bottom of the banner are made to help secure your valuable graphics in high winds and poor weather.

canvas banner nyc

Canvas Banner

Canvas banners can be printed using our large format printing service, the heavy canvas is commonly used as its printed design maintains clarity and color saturation.

adhesive back digital vinyl nyc

Adhesive Back Digital Vinyl

We provide long-lasting outdoor vinyl with an adhesive back that sticks best to flat surfaces including acrylic, glass, and clear plastic.

polly poster “non tear” nyc

Polly Poster “Non-Tear” Paper

Our Polly Poster Paper has a paper-like appearance and is non-tear, water, and grease-resistant. It is ideal for heavy handling and repeated use.

wallpaper fabrics nyc

Wallpaper Fabrics

Our high-quality tension fabric for banners and wallpapers is wrinkle-free, can be printed with high-definition vivid colors, and is water-resistant.

custom event graphics nyc

What are the Benefits of Event Signs?

We can make you an event banner stand for your trade show booth, or event yard signs for your outdoor NYC venue, or private event signs, convention signage, or outdoor plastic signs. If you can dream it, chances are we can create it. We also know that some events require a sign that is not necessarily worth your purchase. For example, many weddings use rustic or neon signs for decoration, and some types of trade shows need very basic signs (like “OPEN”) that do not necessarily need to be crafted from scratch. That’s why we’re also very happy to provide rental signage in NYC, where you can rent a sign that has already been crafted and use it to showcase your event.

Where Event Signs Are Used?

When event planners and businesses need to display information clearly and appealingly in any sort of event, they order customized event signs. In a city like New York businesses need all types of event signs for outdoors, indoors, small and large events. Signs NYC have made signage for nearly every type of event, including:

corporate offices

Corporate Events

Corporate events use custom vinyl banners and banner stands with printed business logos and professionally advertise sponsors.

trade show exhibitions

Trade Shows

Trade shows use different sorts of event signs from proper parking signs to navigate people through floor decals to custom vinyl banners.

golf event

Golf Events

Banners are popularly used in golf events to display sponsors’ names, they are the best and affordable way to get noticed in bigger areas.



Organizations use custom banners and floor graphics for affordable marketing and eye-catching advertising that is also durable.

product launch events

Product Launch Events

Product launch events are usually decorated with custom banners so every audience notices the product and increases brand awareness.


Wedding Events

Wedding events use customized tabletops, vinyl banners, and centerpieces to make the event more personalized and beautiful.

Contact Us For Event Graphics Printing

Finally, we also know that not everyone has an experienced sign designer available that knows how to create something that gets noticed. We can provide you with conference signage ideas, event banner design ideas, or event signage design to ensure that you are ready to go. So whether you need a corrugated advertising sign, conference directional signage, or something that utilizes text and graphics in a unique way, Signs NYC is available to design it. Event signage is one of our many custom display specialties, and one of the most common reasons that we are contacted by businesses and individuals across New York City. For more information about these signs and others, or to get started please contact Signs NYC today.

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