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Every construction job needs safety signs, both as an essential legal precaution as well as for the protection of your workers and the public. Every job is at risk for issues involving wayward pedestrians, misdirected automobile traffic, workplace accidents, and more. Often the best way to ensure that an elevated risk doesn’t turn into an injury — or something worse — is through the use of properly placed safety signs in and around your entire job site.

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What Are Job Safety Signs?

Overhead cranes, power lines, flying debris, unsupported ground, falling objects, and other hazards around on job sites makes it necessary to display Job Site Safety Signs to inform workers and passersby of potentially dangerous places where they must protect themselves.

OSHA Safety Signs can assist you to notify employees and visitors of restricted areas and remind them to obey safety regulations on construction sites, which are full of potential risks, for instance, some workplaces just need head protection, while others require both head and ear protection.

At Signs NYC, you may easily select from a variety of OSHA and DOB safety signage so that you can comply with all local regulations and cause no inconvenience or hazard for your site workers.

Types of Safety Signs

There is no limit to workplace safety. If onsite personnel or passing vehicle and foot traffic need a timely and compelling warning in order to stay safe, then creating a sign that properly communicates that information can be crucial. At Signs NYC, we offer several different types of job safety signage, including:

nyc no trespassing construction site warning signs


The site safety rules imply putting up these signs as a useful tool for protecting personnel's health and safety, it warns about an unauthorized entry in an area.

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Hard Hat area sign

A Hard Hat area sign is a useful tool for protecting workers’ health and safety, it is an OSHA compliance sign that must be present on a job site.

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The words on a Prohibition sign for no-smoking signs are useful in addressing property policy and safety concerns, especially near flammable materials.

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For presenting the most effective messages at your facility, use a customized caution sign for warnings regarding dangerous places to keep your staff safe.

Required OSHA Safety Signs

Technical Specs

Signs are also available with customization as well — including the addition of universal hazard symbols along with warning text. You can create your own indoor signs, outdoor signs, signs with reflective surfaces, signs in aluminum or dibond, etc. These signs can be made to satisfy all local Departments of Buildings (DOB) requirements, federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules — or just used as specific reminders that help to keep your staff and workers productive and safe.


Reflective Options

Sizes & Colors


Material Options

We can make any OSHA sign you want, as well as custom signs if you want your construction site sign to be distinctive in any way. For outdoor signs, we use durable materials that do not rust or fade in harsh weather and surroundings. Some material options for safety signs are as follows:

custom aluminum letters


Aluminum is a durable material to create high-quality safety signs that meet OSHA standards, they stay rust-free and reflective aluminum is used for night visibility.

corrugated plastic nyc


Corrugated plastic material is a rigid plastic usually used for manufacturing lightweight and long-lasting job site safety signs that are durable outdoors.

vinyl nyc


Vinyl is printed with a sticky back coating that allows it to cling to flat non-porous surfaces and they are backed with a strong base material.

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Why Safety Signs Are Used?

Construction firms must warn their workers regarding information that may aid with their safety and guide them to use precautionary measures in dangerous areas and around hazardous situations. It is the legal and ethical responsibility of the construction firm to display safety signage. Some more reasons for using construction site safety signs are as follows:

Moreover, the Reflective signs are used to alert workers at night hours as well. So, nearly all construction zones use safety signs to inform their workers about the safety measures. Signs NYC is the number one place to go in New York City for OSHA safety signs.

Where Safety Signs Are Used?

Construction site safety signs are used for many types of construction projects, including new construction, restorations, and demolitions. They can also be utilized in road construction and other outside operations where their presence will safeguard both employees and passersby. Businesses with whom we regularly collaborate on OSHA safety signage include:



For any sort of construction, restoration, or demolition work on university premises, the audiences are notified with job site safety signs.



Government buildings notify their employees and visitors regarding any ongoing site work with customized construction site safety signage.



In professional settings, the owners make sure that all the clients are informed about the construction work with proper OSHA compliance signage.



Financial offices imply custom DOB safety signs on the job site for all sorts of construction and repair works that are under process.

food services

food service

Restaurants, cafes, and all sorts of food services use construction site safety signs on any project that is going on the construction or reconciliation sites.

health care nyc

Health care

Health care facilities use related safety signs and danger signs to notify people and protect them from any workplace hazards.

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We also have both fast turnaround and rush delivery available for those that need the signs as quickly as possible. Our job safety signs can be made in a variety of sizes, and we have designers on staff in case you need help with any specific design or branding customization.

Safety is important for any jobsite, which is why those that need construction signs turn to Signs NYC. We offer industry leading customer service and some of the most durable — as well as affordable — signage available in New York or New Jersey today.

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When it comes to safety, precision matters. Signs NYC offers custom safety signs tailored to your specific needs. From cautionary messages to emergency instructions, we provide high-quality signage solutions designed to enhance safety in any environment. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring your safety signage meets regulatory standards and effectively communicates your message. Contact Signs NYC today to request a personalized quotation for your project. Let us help you create a safer workplace or public space with our professional-grade safety signs. Reach out via our website to discuss your requirements and take the first step toward enhancing safety in your environment.