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COMMERCIAL Vehicle Lettering

Signs NYC is your go to spot for top-notch vinyl vehicle lettering in New York City. With over two decades of experience, we specialize in custom cut-to-shape vinyl lettering that will stand out, and last for years to come. We proudly serve the NYC-NJ area 6 days a week. Our 5000 sq ft indoor wrapping facility allows us to ensure high-quality applications on multiple vehicles at the same time with a lightning-fast turnaround time.



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Simple and Effective
Truck Lettering for Your Business

Our truck lettering service gives your commercial vehicle a polished appearance while also serving as a mobile billboard. It’s an affordable and effective way to get your business name out there as you drive around NYC and surrounding areas.

Types of Vehicle Lettering

Upgrade Your Fleet with Custom Lettering

Vehicle lettering comes in various forms to suit different business needs and aesthetic preferences. Here are some basic types:

Laws and Regulations

As of my last update in January 2022, New York City has specific regulations for commercial vehicles, which include requirements for lettering. It's crucial to comply with these laws to avoid penalties and ensure your commercial vehicle is operating legally on NYC roads. Some key points of the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations for commercial vehicle lettering are:


Lettering is mandatory for all commercial vehicles in New York City, without any exceptions. If a vehicle is engineered or modified for transporting goods or services and has commercial license plates from the Department of Motor Vehicles, it must adhere to all rules governing commercial vehicles. This includes the necessity for lettering that specifies the owner and origin of the vehicle.

In accordance with NYC Traffic Rules, commercial vehicles are obligated to showcase the owner’s name and address using permanent, 3-inch-high lettering. This information must be visibly displayed on both sides of the vehicle, either in the middle of the doors or along the vehicle’s sides. Additionally, the lettering must be in a color that is easily distinguishable from the vehicle’s paint color; it cannot be camouflaged to match the vehicle.


Lettering Requirements: New Jersey mandates specific lettering that needs to be clearly visible. This lettering should include:

  • The name of the owner, lessee, or lessor of the vehicle.
  • The name of the city or town where the owner, lessee, or lessor’s main business location is situated.
  • If the vehicle weighs 26,001 pounds or more, the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) or the combined gross vehicle weight rating must also be displayed. This is applicable if the vehicle is registered or mainly located in New Jersey.
  • The lettering must have a minimum height of three inches.
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Your Local Vehicle Wrapping and
Graphics Experts in New York City

We are a New York City-based vehicle wrapping and graphics company with 30 years of experience. Our comprehensive solutions encompass full wraps, lettering, and graphics tailored to the unique demands of the city’s dynamic environment.

With a focus on standing out and leaving a lasting impression, we bring brands to life on the streets of NYC and beyond, offering local expertise with a global impact. Our talented team merges cutting-edge technology with artistic prowess, ensuring that every project, regardless of scale, receives the attention to detail it deserves.


The cost of truck lettering for just two doors in New York City can vary widely based on several factors such as the complexity of the design, type of material used, and the shop’s pricing structure. As of my last update in 2023, you could expect to pay anywhere from $249 to $499 or more to get 2 doors lettered. This generally includes design, materials, and installation.


  •     New York City
  •     New Jersey
  •     Philadelphia

Two Doors

  • $299
  • $299
  • $299

Partial Van Lettering

  • $1200
  • $1400
  • $1400

Spot Graphics

  • $1800
  • $1800
  • $1600

Where Are Vehicle Lettering Used?

Contractors, small businesses, delivery firms, courier services, and corporate brands, all use vinyl lettering on business vehicles to promote their services. At Signs NYC, we have provided customized vehicle lettering for the following types of vehicles:​

food cart nyc


Food acrt requires Company name and Lic info

truck trailer nyc


Truck trailers used for commercial purposes have to comply with DOT standards and display DOT numbers on vehicles.

bus nyc


All over NYC, many buses are decorated with vinyl lettering to display advertisements and contact information for brands.

construction van nyc


Construction vans are labeled with lettering that is of high quality and custom-printed, which displays the details of the contractor.

box trucks nyc


Box trucks have a large display space to advertise many businesses and their services with customized and eye-catching lettering.

commercial vehicles nyc


Commercial vehicles popularly use lettering as they are advised to display DOT letters as per the law in visible colors and easy-to-read font.

Unveiling the Lasting Power of Vinyl Lettering on Vehicles

Let us transform your trucks into captivating canvases that tell your brand’s story. Our truck lettering service maximizes your marketing impact and demonstrates our dedication to amplifying your company’s visibility.

Cost-Effective: An affordable option compared to custom paint or other signage methods.

Customization: Wide range of colors, fonts, and finishes for personalized designs.

Professional Appearance: A polished, painted-on look enhances the vehicle's aesthetics.

Non-Destructive Removal: Can be removed without harming the vehicle's paint.

Easy Application: Simple to apply, whether by professionals or as a DIY project.

Durability: Withstands outdoor conditions without fading or peeling.

Advertising Tool: Acts as a mobile billboard, promoting businesses and services effectively.

Flexibility: Applicable to various vehicle types, accommodating different advertising needs.

Ready to Work Together?
Let’s Get Started.

With our top-tier truck lettering, we don’t just design visuals; we design experiences. Count on us to turn your trucks into attention-grabbing showcases that showcase your brand’s excellence, no matter where the road takes them.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

A: A business awning is a commercial-grade covering installed on the exterior of a business establishment for purposes like shade, weather protection, and brand visibility. These awnings often feature the business’s name, logo, or other identifying information.

A: The requirements can vary by jurisdiction, but usually, the business name, address, and possibly DOT numbers or GVWR must be displayed.

A: The lettering is typically required to be on both sides of the vehicle and should be clearly visible. Placement details can vary by jurisdiction.

A: While not usually required by law, many businesses opt to include their logo or other branding alongside the required information.

A: In many places, including NYC, the lettering must be a minimum of 3 inches high to be compliant with the law.

A: The lettering should contrast with the vehicle’s color to ensure visibility. The specific color often depends on the vehicle’s base color.