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Signs are a critical tool for managing a building. Signs are what help keep people safe, direct people to their next destination, and know exactly where they are and where they are going at all times. Every building, in nearly every room, uses signs to share information, warnings, and more to those nearby. Some of these signs may even be legally required by the NYC DOB, the fire department, and more.

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What Are Building Management Signs?

Some residential and commercial facilities like co-op and condo buildings require Building Management signage mandated by the DOB, and the fire department of New York ( FDNY), HPD or ADA, to show who owns or is responsible for a building, the fire safety plan, and other necessary information.

This sort of signage can be customized according to the building interiors and generally display the apartment number on the doorframe, the floor numbers, emergency exits, warnings, and dangers. These are only a few examples of the signs that are mandated by the Housing Preservation Department.

They are also helpful in navigating people through the facility, they can easily brand a company/builder, and keep people safe by displaying the precautionary signs. Signs NYC can manufacture all popular building management signs required in New York City.

Types of Building Management Signs

Every building requires specific signs to manage the flow of people and ensure that those in or near the property are kept safe. Some of these signs are required, while others are optional and, in some cases, a part of the charm of the building. Examples include:

Emergency Exit Signs

There are several signs that are required for emergency exit. The lighted “Exit” signs are one example, but you will also want emergency exit directional signs and “warning alarm will sound” signs depending on the exit type.

ADA Signs

There are some signs required by the American Disabilities Act, including signs with brail and signs that tell those with disability where to go and how to get the accommodations they need. Signs NYC can create ADA signs for any type of property.

Floor Number Signs

HPD requires every floor in qualifying buildings to have a floor number sign that clearly identifies what floor someone is on. Non-HPD signs may still use these as a way to direct traffic, or for customer service. In some cases, these signs can be customized to match the persona of the building.

Warning and Danger Signs

Some of the most important signs on your property are likely to be the warning signs and danger signs that you put in areas of need. We can create signs of any type with custom language or graphics as needed to keep visitors safe.

HPD Signs

Floor number signs are only one of many types of HPD Signs that are required by the New York City Department of Buildings. You can learn more about all of the different HPD signs you may need by reviewing our HPD signs page.

Private Property Signs

Signs that indicate private property, no trespassing, parking lot violations and more are all important for building management, as they warn those that are unauthorized to be there and act as protection against lawsuits.

Meeting Room & Conference Room Signs

For both guests on the property, employees, and those that use shared spaces, signs that indicate where the meeting rooms or the conference rooms can be helpful in directing traffic.

Door Signs & Door Number Signs

Name plates, door numbers, and more are all important for helping anyone on your property know where the office is, who is there, and in some cases what they provide.

Technical Requirements for Property Management Signs

Signs New York is a full service sign company, capable of fabricating signs for essentially any type of material, in nearly any shape, in nearly every style. We can even create 3 dimensional signs and lighted signs. Many building management signs have technical requirements that need to be considered before fabricating the sign.

We encourage you to contact us about the sign you need, and we’ll provide you with a list of both the requirements of the sign and our abilities or any limitations that we may face. Rarely will there be a sign that we cannot create, so it is always a good idea to contact us with a quote.

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Material Options

Signs can be made from all kinds of materials, making them one of the most customizable and distinctive looking signs you can use in your buildings or other place of business. All that needs to occur is that the sign is placed off of the wall in some way.



Acrylic material is durable and can have the same clear, smooth surface as glass while being considerably lighter, perfect for apartment/floor number signs.

metal material


Aluminum is the most durable signage material to create customized and high-quality HPD signs and safety signs that look very professional.

aluminum composite


Aluminum composite material for indoor signs provides the benefits of both aluminum and stable polyethylene cores that give additional rigidity and lightness.



Styrene material is a lightweight plastic that can be both flexible and stable, it is perfect for indoor and outdoor DOB compliance signs.

plastic pvc


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a strong and long-lasting sign material that is ideal for permanent interior building signs, nameplates, information panels, and notice boards.

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What Are The Benefits Of Required Building Signs?

To guide the residents and audiences in a building to follow the mandated rules, and make their wayfinding easier, an organization incorporates building management signs from the start of its building design to the end. Some of the many benefits of having these signs are as follows:

A well-designed building management signage from Signs NYC will provide an efficient residential or workplace for both visitors and residents/workers.

Other Common NYC Building Management Signs

The signs represent only a small sample of the signs that buildings are either required to have according to the Housing Preservation Department, or they may be useful to have in order to direct traffic, brand a business, or keep people safe. Other common NYC building management signs include: Other common NYC building management signs include:

As a full service sign fabricator, it is possible for us to create signage that is personalized, fun, stylish, or professional depending on your needs. We also have templates available when applicable, and can guide you if there are local requirements from the HPD that need to be considered before crafting your building management sign.

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Where Building Management Signs Are Used?

Building Management signs are a simple and easy way for people to figure out where things are in a building and make the management of co-ops and condominiums easier. The entire process of displaying necessary directions, floor numbers, and safety rules in an indoor area is facilitated with these signs. Some industries that use customized HPD signs are:



Building signs are used for easily locating classrooms, meeting rooms, fire exits, floor numbers, and other significant places in a university building.



Government Buildings use floor number signs, indoor notice boards, and video surveillance signs for making sure all mandatory rules are followed.



ADA signs are a great and professional tool to display safety notices, navigate people to desired places and maintain discipline in professional business settings.



Allocating interior signage in financial offices is an effective tool for easy navigation, marking safety rules, and notices so all clients and workers are safe.

food services


Food services use custom emergency exit signs, display fire safety plans, and navigation signs for easy directions in and out of the facility.

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Hospitals and health care facilities use easy-to-read navigation signs for giving correct directions and marking danger notices on rooms and facilities.

Contact Us Today for Building Management Signs

Although there are many sign companies in NYC, Signs NYC is one of the few that combines everything you need for both optional and required building signs. Property managers all over New York contact us because we offer:

We also have the technology to create any type of sign, along with great customer service, sign design, sign installation, and sign consultation whenever requested. Though there are many sign companies throughout NYC, you’ll find that Signs NYC is the leader for quality, cost, and efficiency. Contact us today, and let’s partner on your building and make sure you always have someone on your side to create any signs you need.

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