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Signs matter. They’re a reflection of your brand, making a lasting impression. Our guide has expert tips and insights to help you create eye-catching signs that pack a punch. Level up your brand communication with signs that grab attention and connect with your audience.
common sign design elements

What are Sign Design Elements?

Every sign is different – from the size of the sign to the materials and more. But the following are some of the design elements that you will need to consider as you determine what to place in your sign design. However, not all signs need any interesting design elements, and that needs to be considered as well, as for some signs simpler is better.

Even the simplest of signs are filled with design elements that affect the overall look of the message. At Signs NYC, where we have trained sign designers on staff in addition to our sign fabrication experts, we often have to consider all sorts of design elements in order to determine how to create a sign that best spreads your message.

What are the Sign Design Elements to Consider?

These are only some of the many considerations that you will need to make as you create your sign, and many of these represent the design elements that we try to integrate when we create your signage.


 Color combinations are very important to consider. Adding at least one color is recommended for most signs in order to make sure it’s noticeable, especially if it is placed against a colorless wall or space. Colors can also help with branding, and some combinations can make the typeface easier to read.

Unique Elements

Unusual shapes, inventive use of images and texts, and more can all create a more memorable design that generic signs simply cannot provide. However, depending on where your sign is placed, you will need to consider whether a unique display may affect readability.


Adding images, logos, and other graphics all have the potential to spread your brand and share your information in a way that text alone cannot always be provided. Some images may also capture attention better than text alone.

Clean Typeface

You’ll need to find a font that matches your brand but is also visible from the distance that it will be read from. The more complex the typeface, the less appropriate it is for signs that are further away or more cluttered.


Borders can often improve the visibility of the sign and may give the impression of importance in a way that other design elements struggle with.

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