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Ultra board is a kind of foam board famous for its toughness, adaptability, and endurance. It contains a high density foam core which is surrounded by plastic surfaces instead of paper on its both sides. It is a heavy -duty all plastic panel, containing a litho-grade, high-impact polystyrene surface. This material is not intended to use for outdoor purposes. However, it is an excellent choice to consider for indoor applications like indoor signs, display boards and other similar applications.

Printers either digitally print them or overlay them with vinyl, with or without lamination. Ultra board is a rigid, water-resistant material that can serve a variety of purposes.
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Physical Features

Ultra board is a heavy duty plastic material having a litho grade polystyrene surface. Normally they come in solid colors like black or white. However, they also come with the combo of both these colors. Moreover, they have various thickness options, but the most common thickness options are 1 inch, ½ inches, and 3/16 inches.

Benefits of Ultra Board

Ultra board has numerous advantages, including its light weight and suitability for indoor use.

Weaknesses of Ultra Board

Definitely, not every material can serve all purposes; that’s the reason there are some weak points in ultra board as well that make it less suitable for some conditions.