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Aluminum Composite

The aluminum composite, also known as ACP, is bound to a polyethylene core – containing two pre-painted aluminum sheets in a three-layer sandwich panel. The aluminum composite material is highly used indoors and outdoors. These material signs provide a resilient, sleek, and beautiful look. Normally, these panel are in 2mm to 6mm thickness, in widths of 50″ or 62″.

What’s special about ACP? It is a durable and eye catching material but weighs half as much as aluminum. These panels are used in fine art applications, farming, archiving, commercial exterior and interior, constructions and visual merchandising.

You will find a good combination of aesthetic qualities along with rigidity and ease of fabrication. Due to its good rigidity, ACP maintain a better flatness in its natural state for a longer period of time than a single lager of aluminum plate.
acm channel letters

Physical Features

ACP (aluminum composite panel) is a three-layer sandwich panel containing two aluminum sheets that are bonded to a polyethylene (PE) core. You can get it in lots of colors; however, commonly, these are found in green, gold, silver, blue, white, mirrored, yellow, and red. Typically, their thickness ranges from 2 mm to 6 mm. However, more thick panels are also available.

Benefits of Aluminum Composite

These signs are great for offices, reception, and many interior places. If you are looking for bold signs, ACP signs are an ideal choice because they consist of many Aesthetic qualities that make them the best choice for custom Fabrication. Let’s see some benefits:

Weaknesses of Aluminum Composite

As ACP is mostly used outdoors, some harsh outdoor conditions can affect it.