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7 Creative Custom Hotel Signage Design Ideas to Attract Customers

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Hotels depend on their signs. They have door signs, they have emergency exit signs, as signs indicating direction – throughout every hotel, there are signs serving a variety of different purposes.

Every hotel need signs. But every hotel also needs to have personality. That means coming up with creative signage ideas and designs to help give your hotel or motel the type of personality that it deserves.

What are the Creative Signage Design Ideas for Your Hotel?

The following are some Ideas that you can use to come up with your own creative hotel signage. Don’t forget to integrate your hotel’s ambiance and brand into any design you come up with.

Creative Hotel Outdoor Signage:

It starts with your outdoor signs. The signs that you hang outside of your hotel are going to be the first signs that people see when they consider using your accommodations.That means you will want a sign that showcases how people should expect to feel when they stay in your hotel. You should have a unique hotel signage font.You should have a lighted design that can be seen at night. You should create one that has the colors that you most associated with your brand. These are all critical for attracting people to your hotel.

Unique Do Not Disturb Signs:

One place that gives you an opportunity to show a lot of your personality is what you choose to put on your do not disturb signs.Niche businesses May want to consider do not just our signs with a little bit of humor, or perhaps a mildly inappropriate reference that still matches the personality of your guests.Modern hotels May want to consider an Inspiring quote Or a modern design made of an attractive would and typeface.

Door Signs with Character:

You may also want to consider creating a room sign or door sign that is consistent with your brand. There are many hotels door signs that have graphics instead of numbers or branded signs instead of generic room signs. You can also create a sign in a shape that matches the look you’re trying to achieve from your company.

Hotel Indoor Signage:

The inside of the hotel is a great place to start putting up unique and creative signs. Some hotels use signs as a way of decorating, creating custom signs to match an era or time period in history. Others use a variety of indoor signs to creatively showcase where a room is, or what the purpose of the hotel is, and more.

Within Room Signs:

Finally, you’re going to need to add signs in each room of your hotel. Consciously or subconsciously, the person staying at the hotel is going to notice whether or not the signs you have fit the ambiance of the property. It helps to make sure that your signs match or exceed their expectations.

Ultimately, the personality you’re going to give your property is going to be almost entirely your own, as your hotel or accommodations is going to have its own unique character.

Those hotels that take the time to add personality to their hotel signs are far more likely to be successful than the ones that do not.

With that in mind, the following are some of the most creative hotel signs available today, and what make them a unique choice in custom hotel signage.

Unique Hotel Signs :

There are some saucy Do Not Disturb signs out there that have a lot of creativity. But you can still be creative even with a “Safe for Work” sign. The above sign is a great example. This sign comes from an Aspen hotel, which is known for the outdoors, the barn décor, and more. Notice that custom Do Not Disturb hotel signs do not have to be shaped like the traditional door hangers. Be creative with your shapes. This is a traditional hotel sign, but it’s an amazing one.

Look at the quality of the design – it is eye grabbing, with an arrow, a place to put a word (restaurant, in this case), and a classic design that goes with the architecture of the property. Most hotels have a pool. But why does the pool have to have a boring sign with warnings on it? The above “Welcome to our Ool” sign is funny, unique, and hand painted – giving it character that many other hotel pool signs lack, especially in NYC. Yes, even the restroom signs can be interesting. Take a look at how crisp and modern that bathroom sign is, along with how it has its own special typeface.

Your visitors may not necessarily think about the quality of your signs when they see a bathroom sign, but subconsciously it’s going to create a memory that your hotel has something unique. Las Vegas is known for its amazing signs. But the irony of Las Vegas is that the same signs that look great at night tend to look only mediocre in the day.

The signs for Treasure Island, Wynn, Encore, and more tend to not look quite as attractive in the light hours. But the same cannot be said of the sign for The Venetian. There is so much character to that sign, that anyone going to the property knows they’re in for a nice stay. This outdoor sign provides more than just a unique cutout. It’s designed specifically for the outdoors. The metal material will withstand any rain, snow, or cold, and the custom carving and gold leaf can help light shine through easily.

Hotel Wall Wraps

Another sign that you may want to consider is a wall mural (also known as a wall wrap). These can be a great way to decorate the inside of hotel rooms, or make your lobby a more visually interesting place.

The above wall wrap is inside some of the Ace hotel rooms, and certainly adds a lot of character to the way the room looks. There are many creative wall wraps available in hotels all over New York City if you know where to look, and these murals are signs like any other.

How to Come Up With Your Own Creative Hotel Sign

Clearly, there are some very creative hotel signs out there – many of which do not get nearly enough credit for being unique, interesting, and something that adds to the personality of the hotel. Those that have travelled have likely come across many of these signs themselves, even without realizing it, and it’s caused them to feel as though the hotel is more interesting and special.

For your own creative hotel sign, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the brand/personality you want to have?
  • What type of décor do you offer?
  • How immersive do you want the hotel experience to be?
  • What kinds of little details would add to the character of the business?

There is no rule that the signs in your hotel have to be boring, or that they have to stick to some kind of convention.

Every single sign can be unique, modern, or special in some way, including:

Signs can also be an incredible tool for hotel decoration, like in the case of wall wraps, and can be an inventive way to convince people that they should visit your hotel when they’re looking for a place to stay.


Choosing the appropriate sign for your hotel, turns out the apprehensive key factor to your Business Identity and branding. The lists of creative ideas aid you in designing a perfect Signage for your hotel.

Emphasis on every point, turn out a benefit key to process new ideas that is rolling up your mind, and lets you think from a better perspective to design beautiful and creative Signage. All that we want is to Stand out from the crowd, and these inventive tips makes accommodation in your hotels special and great

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