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Unique Grand Opening Ideas to Create Buzz

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The opening of a new business is a time for celebration. Not only are you about to embark on an incredible journey, and possibly create one of the world’s greatest local or national businesses – you are also introducing something new to the public, and many people love the idea of trying new things or working with new

Affordable Grand Opening Marketing Tips

1. Grand Opening Sign(s)

Let’s start with the simplest and most affordable – grand opening signs. Not only can you consider the traditional “GRAND OPENING” banner that many companies, especially restaurants, place over their front door. You can also see if companies will let you display a sign in front of or near their stores, or near the sidewalk, to make sure that people notice that your company is ready for business.

grand opening banners and signs new york city

2. Yelp Events

For restaurants and many small businesses, a very useful strategy is making sure that your new business is ready and advertised in Yelp. You can even consider creating a Yelp event, which attracts those that are Yelp regulars to come and visit your new business. Now, this comes with risk – you have to be fairly confident that you’re ready to handle a large crowd of reviewers – but if you’re confident in your business and want a way to get your business immediately noticed, Yelp is a great way to do it.

3. Social Media

Free, easy to use, and capable of reaching a large target audience, one way to generate a buzz for yourself is with social media. Social media is not necessarily easy – it’s hard to reach an audience without paid ads – but there are ways to be engaged and, even if you decide you do want to pay for ads, most ads in a local are cost no more than a few hundred dollars at most on websites like Facebook to reach a huge audience.

Get Your Business Noticed

Grand Opening Banners are a great way to see an immediate response to your new business. But for an opening to truly be “grand,” you must find a way to ensure that your business is out there. Placing visible signs around New York and in front of your store is a great start. But don’t forget to take advantage of the many inexpensive options currently available that will help make sure your business reaches a large audience.

storefront grand opening banners nyc

For the business owner, that means that you need to be ready to advertise your grand opening, and make sure that everyone knows that you’re out there. Yet if you’re like most businesses, you probably don’t have a huge marketing budget that’s ready to invest thousands of dollars into branding your business. The following are some affordable, low-cost grand opening advertising tips.

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