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8 Ways to Promote Your Business with Vinyl Printing

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If you’re looking to generate some much-needed attention to your business location, there are many ways to create the right type of signage with vinyl printing from Signs NYC. We have an array of commercial graphics that will help direct more foot traffic through your doors and generate more business from patrons once they are inside.

With many retail spaces now forced to limit the number of shoppers in their stores, it’s even more important to create clearly visible signage. This allows people to know that you’re both open for business and carrying the products and services they want and need.

What Kind of Printed Vinyl Graphics are Used for Your Business?

Window Decals

There’s a good reason that window graphics have been used for as long as store windows have existed — they work. There’s no more valuable advertising space than the one sitting front and center between your location and the world outside. You’re not just limited to using beautiful window decals and vinyl letters to display your business name with a logo.

window decal lettering nyc
They also act as a great medium for promoting sales, events and other offerings, in addition to seasonal decorations and holiday greetings. There’s no better way to sell turkeys in November than with Thanksgiving decals. In addition to maximizing your advertising effectiveness, they’re easy to remove and swap out — without damaging the glass underneath.

Wall Decals

Wall decals can be used for a variety of reasons inside your business. They can help to promote your brand, inform customers about specific products and services, as well as direct customers around your store. If you need to create a sense of urgency with your customer base, you can use bold and colorful wall decals to both get their attention and get them excited.

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Floor Decals

Floor decals are used on surfaces that many stores don’t take anywhere near enough advantage of. If your floors are currently bare, you need to consider the advantages for both advertising and directional signage in your store. From fun decals featuring corporate mascots to arrows directing foot traffic, floor decals can add a new dimension to your interior signage.

indoor floor decals nyc

Vehicle Decals, Magnetic Signs and Wraps

Whether you have a fleet of trucks or a single sedan, you should be using work vehicles to help promote your message and announce your presence in a professional way. From large whole trailer wraps to door lettering and body decals, vehicle graphics have never been easier to use. When pulling up to a home or business, you want your customers to know it’s you. If your work car needs to be parked on the street overnight, we also offer a great solution that’s very popular with car service drivers and home repair professionals: magnetic signs that can be removed and re-attached as often as you need them.

vehicle signage nyc

Wayfinding Signage

Not all wayfinding signs have to be decals. Many directional, identification and compliance graphics, such as Sign Boards, Lobby Signs, Do Not Enter Signs and Restroom Signs can be framed or placed on backing for a more permanent look you can be proud of. Some use backlit vinyl graphics or reflective vinyl in order to feature more prominently — even under low light conditions.

commercial space directional signage nyc

Wayfinding signage is not just important in retail but also in all kinds of offices and commercial and properties. These signs improve traffic flow and allow people to find you, both indoors and out. From college campuses to golf courses and shopping centers, directional signs are a vital way to welcome guests and help them find the products, services and amenities they’re looking for. Vinyl printing is a great way to accomplish this without the expense of using sign posts and metal or wooden signs.

Red 3/16″ thick acrylic substrate with reflective vinyl graphics for parking lot compliance signage

Vinyl Banners

Whether you’re manning a trade show booth or want to promote a sale, new product or another special offering, vinyl banners are an easy way to promote your brand. Banners are lightweight, durable, reusable and easy to order with large format printing from Signs NYC. We also offer a myriad of banner stands which come with their own carrying cases that make transportation and storage a cinch.

large print vinyl banners nyc

A portable banner stand can make your banner literally stand out from its surroundings. They are very effectively deployed on sales floors or outside of businesses in order to draw people in and get them interested. Larger print banners can also be hung on walls using rope and metal grommet holes either indoors or out. If you’d like a graphic that can be safely stowed away — and then periodically taken out of storage in order to turn your sign advertising up a notch — then a vinyl banner is for you.

Duratrans Printing

Duratrans prints, otherwise known as Endura Transparency technique, was developed by Kodak in 1979. Its features include a transparent color vinyl film which is brilliantly backlit. Between the print face and the light source sits a white membrane know as a diffuser allows for more even light distribution across the sign’s surface. These kinds of prints are used very effectively in malls, airports, department stores and as bus stop advertisements.

storefront duratrans printing nyc

If you own a jewelry store, furniture store or upscale boutique these prints will help to lend your showroom an added air of sophistication. Duratrans prints also look great under low light conditions, making them a great feature for open-style storefront security gates. Even after closing up shop for the night, these illuminated signs will continue to promote your products and services.

Window Wraps and Wall Wraps

Both window wraps and wall wraps are great ways to completely or partially cover a surface with full color prints that can help act as room dividers, offer privacy on waiting room windows or decorate real estate property listings. Much like decals, wraps can be used to install beautiful wall murals that can be for short or long term displays. They are cost-effective and can be easily updated and reprinted on demand.

full wrap

removable wall wrap nyc

Wraps are printed using a wide variety of colors and high resolution images, making them more decorative than a typical wall or window decal. Using the latest printing technology, they will often resemble a painting or hand drawn work of art, with a complexity that will impress and help to build ambiance in any environment.

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For all your vinyl printing needs, contact the Signs NYC team. We can offer the widest variety of vinyl graphics available anywhere. For more information regarding any type of small or large format printing, event graphics printing and more, please contact us anytime using our online request a quote form.

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