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The unique ribbed appearance of corrugated plastic is created by sandwiching a layer of plastic between two layers of a corrugated cardboard like material. Corrugated signs are widely used in indoor marketing, such as at trade shows and seminars. They are available with several options for customization and ideas for short term promotions.

Corrugated signs are an affordable option for an array of options. Corrugated signs are often used indoors and have limited outdoor usage, such as for temporary political signs, event-day signage, directional signage, and numerous other uses.

Corrugated signs are a great way to communicate what you need people to know about your business. They can also be installed in a variety of ways.
corrugated plastic sign nyc

Physical Features

Corrugated plastic is made up of three layers. The outer and inner layers are usually made from polyethylene. The upper and lower layers are flat while the centered layer is ribbed. The corrugated plastic sheets come in a thickness range of 2mm-10mm,. However, you can get even thicker if you want.

Benefits of Corrugated

There are many benefits of corrugated plastic, making it perfect for outdoor, indoor, and environmentally friendly uses.

Weaknesses of Corrugated

Corrugated also lacks in various points which may lower its worth compared to other materials.