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Looking Glass: Why Window Decals Work Smartly and Effectively for You

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From the time shopkeepers would use paint and gold gilding to write letters on their storefront glass, window graphics have played an essential role in direct advertising to both foot and vehicle traffic. Thankfully with modern vinyl window decals, it’s never been easier to create custom window promotions without the high labor costs and time-consuming processes of the past. These inexpensive and easily achieved icons will dazzle the public while helping to bring more customers through your doors.

How Window Decals Helps Your Storefront to Look More Attractive?

In this blog we’ll show you why custom window decals are not only a good idea but an essential component of your location’s look. From the practical reasons such as transmitting vital information like store hours, available products and services — to the more artistic and aesthetic needs to beautify your business, window decals are one of the best ways to effortlessly grow your brand reach in a way that translates to increased sales revenue.

Creating Curb Appeal

The first thing you see at street level in a typical shopping district are the storefront windows filled with goods and signs advertising special offers and sales. One way to smartly avoid the clutter of too many handwritten and printed window signs — visual barriers that, while informative, can also block people’s views and darken interior spaces — are with window decals and lettering. Vinyl Lettering is usually a series of individually cut-out letters installed on clear glass. They differ from completely opaque window wraps, which can be utilized inside or back windows or when privacy is more important than transparency. Window decals or vinyl letters will let light inside your logo while allowing your interior spaces and products to be seen from outside.

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Beautiful lettering with your business name written in a variety of styles, colors, typefaces, and fonts are memorable. This means they can bring your brand into the mind’s eye of the public. In short, people will associate your organization with an attractive storefront, making them want to return again and again.

Informing the Public

From the most basic details that need communicating to promoting the specific products and services that you’re offering, window decals are the main method of speaking directly to your audience. Specific features such as store hours, accepted forms of payment, as well as health and safety announcements, can be integrated into organized displays along with sales and specials. These graphic presentations will give consumers the information they need to patronize your business while enticing them to take advantage of specific offers.

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In any market place, repeat business and the increased profits they generate are achieved by adding value to people’s lives. But in order to gain people’s business they will first need to know you’re there. The best way to do this is to inform them about the value your particular organization provides. From discount consumer goods, basic commodities to luxuries and lifestyle brands, communication is the key to accomplishing this.

Using Simple Images to Communicate without Words

It’s well known that images speak louder than words. In centuries past, shop owners would use pictures or objects to advertise their business. For example, a shoemaker would hang a drawing of a shoe or in many cases an actual shoe, outside of his door. This is still accomplished through creative designs that will instantly communicate to shoppers of all ages and abilities no matter what language they speak.

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With window decals a good sign maker will be able to help illustrate your ideas with images that tempt your potential customers. From simple outlines of tasty foods and refreshing beverages to silhouettes of trade tools and available items, these images will act as the vanguard of your sales efforts. In addition to telling people who you are and what you’re selling with letters, creative cut-outs such as a steaming cup of coffee can add an element of whimsical fun to your storefront window.

Adapting to a Quickly Changing Environment

Window decals are both inexpensive to produce and easy to install, which makes them ideal for semi-permanent lettering that can still be swapped out or removed. More temporary acrylic adhesives and static clings are also available for short-term use on windows, while they can also be surprisingly durable. Whether you want to unveil a new logo design, show a fall foliage scene or create a holiday greeting, a variety of decals are an innovative way to adapt to a rapidly changing business climate.

Also since many NYC area business owners rent their spaces, window decals’ ease of use makes them great for 1-2 year leases. Unlike other types of signage, they won’t damage glass and can be quickly reproduced and installed at a new or expanded business location.

Every enterprising person knows that new trends often require owner-operators and managers to stay ahead of the crowd. When you have a relationship with a reputable local sign maker, collaboration on new or additional window lettering can be accomplished in hours or days rather than weeks or months, allowing you to be an early adopter of the latest advertising styles and most relevant, up-to-date content.

Combining the Latest Technology With Time-Tested Ad Methods

As we mentioned earlier in this article, storefront advertising is as old as commerce itself, while window graphics go back at least a couple of centuries. Beginning in 1956, pressure-sensitive vinyl film allowed the modern stickers we see today. It wasn’t until around 1996 that modern glass-friendly vinyl decals were introduced thanks to micro-replicated air channels that reduced annoying air bubbles. Around the same time, the precursors to today’s high definition printers began to make it into your local sign shop, allowing for the more complex color gradient wall decals and window wraps we see today.

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While great for printing images on, wall decals and window wraps are unable to offer the greatest benefit of cut-out window decals and vinyl glass lettering — namely the ability to decorate your storefront while still allowing the full use of a window.

Thanks to these innovations, you can now access some of the highest quality designs by decorating with classic lettering using durable high tack adhesive outdoors on windows. With window decals as your “front line signage” you really are able to get the best of both worlds, combining modern vinyl technology with one of the oldest forms of direct advertising — custom storefront window letters. Sign makers can now offer an unparalleled level of quality to both their largest clients, as well as small local mom and pop stores. While they use a time-tested promotional method, today’s window decals are high tech products that even a generation ago would be impossible for many business owners to imagine.

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