4 Reasons How Vinyl Decals Benefits Small Businesses?

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Vinyl decals are a great way to decorate any store, showroom, or office. In addition to personalizing and livening up a space, these inexpensive and attractive signs can help to establish your organization’s brand as more professional, trustworthy, and memorable — not to mention fun.

In this blog, we’ll go over why wall decals are increasingly preferred by business owners over traditional signs, painted murals, and other more expensive as well as permanent types of signage.

Distinct and Versatile

A decal made from high quality vinyl and properly installed can help distinguish your location from other businesses in the same industry or geographical area. An attractive decal also helps your retail store stand out for the right reasons, in addition to achieving a number of other important goals. Whether you want to introduce a company logo, product, service — or just add a touch of color to a blank wall or window — decals are both inexpensive enough to swap out regularly, as well as durable enough to stay looking great for years. Decals also come in a limitless number or shapes, sizes, and designs — from a small sticker featuring your businesses name to an entire full-wall sized graphic spotlighting images and intricate artwork. This means that they can accomplish almost any job that calls for a sign.When you combine this with the ability to achieve interior decorations that resemble hand-drawn murals — but don’t require the added time or expense — you have what may be the ultimate value in commercial signage currently available.

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At Signs NYC, all of our decals are made from flexible vinyl film. While vinyl lettering has some great applications, certain design options can be more limited. Unlike with lettering, vinyl wall decals can be printed with any color or design, which maximizes their adaptability to any situation. Examples of these choices include both the angle used in the design, known as the gradient, as well as text effects such as shadows, colors and typefaces. Wall decals also don’t need to be limited to standard rectangular cuts. Decals can be custom-shaped with a slight border around the design, known as a halo cut, or fit exactly around the design, which is called a contour cut. When compared with vinyl letters, the only limiting factor of decals is their opaqueness and use of a single sheet of film. If you’re looking for either a transparent design or individually cut letters, then you should choose vinyl lettering instead of decals.

Low Cost and Ease of Production/ Installation

As previously stated, vinyl decals are inexpensive to produce when compared to other types of signage. Once we’ve agreed on the perfect design, we can retain your image file and print an endless number of new decals on demand at a minimal cost.

Our award-winning graphic department also makes further modifications — including seasonal themes, additional elements or other tweaks to the original — both easy and inexpensive.

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In addition to original design elements, we can also customize the decal material in order to match the graphic’s intended service life and location. For example, an interior store decal on a flat surface that only needs to last a year or two may call for calendered film instead of the more expensive cast vinyl.

With that being said, recent improvements in manufacturing technology means that calendered vinyl can also increasingly be utilized in exterior decals as well. A vinyl decal installation project we completed for BRICK fitness club in DUMBO, Brooklyn incorporated 3M Scotchcal Vinyl Graphic Film for an estimated service life of three years — even in the harsh outdoor conditions of the Brooklyn waterfront. This exterior vinyl lettering project successfully used calendered vinyl instead of the more expensive cast vinyl.

In addition to the relatively low cost, the use of vinyl film wall decals also allowed for a much faster and safer installation. Instead of the welding, wiring and other construction — as well as the necessary city permits — needed for large or illuminated traditional signs, we were able to complete the entire installation in less than four hours, including both set up and clean up, with no permits.

Effective Branding

The last thing you want is a blank, boring storefront or retail interior that doesn’t help establish your brand name with customers and the public at large. As we like to say here at Signs NYC, a business with no sign is a sign of no business. As we stated at the beginning of this article, installing original custom decals help to both liven up your space, as well as present your brand as more professional and familiar to consumers.

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Large corporate brands don’t become household names overnight. Corporations spend years introducing their name, logo and other distinctive elements associated with their brand in order to establish themselves as a reliable place to shop. With decals, you can do the same thing in months, weeks, or even days.

As a small local business, you have the advantage of more easily and directly reaching out to your customer base with signage — allowing you to accomplish the same goal in much less time. With the right choice of vinyl decals, you can quickly establish your business as a fixture of the local community.


From wayfinding directional signage that directs customers to a certain department, checkout counter or restroom — to promotional graphics advertising a featured product or service — signs are all about informing people in and around your business.

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Whether you want to show off an attractive logo, mascot or present in store rules and health/safety regulations vinyl decals go a long way in conspicuously presenting information that’s clear, legible and easy to understand. While a handwritten sign may be nice, it can never be as prominent or attractive as a vivid full-color or bold monochrome decal — especially in a large retail space or showroom.

We can also print various general use informational signs — such as “Sale” or “Checkout Lane Closed” — for you to keep on hand and utilize as needed, all in uniform fonts and colors in order to establish a climate of professionalism, orderliness, and competence.

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