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How to Use Custom Vinyl Banners to GET YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS?

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While “screaming” in all capital letters may not be a very polite mode of online discourse, it can certainly attract attention. After all, it got yours didn’t it? In this blog we’ll go over how to use vinyl banner printing in order to effectively advertise and communicate with the public — without having to resort to all caps theatrics.

The Right Combination of Style and Substance

Commercial advertising with custom banners is most effective when you’re actually saying something unique and relevant to the discussion. This is known as substance. If you have a competitively priced product or service to sell and a quality brand to promote, then you already have your substance covered.

vinyl banner printing for advertising new york

While having something to say remains an essential component of any campaign, even a substantive message can easily get drowned out by other advertisements. That is, unless you use style — including design elements such as color, typeface and vinyl features such as gloss vs. matte — in order to help call attention to your ad. Below we’ll go over some examples of different design features that can help to maximize the ability to spread your message to the masses.

Decisions, Decisions

There are many choices to be made when designing a new banner. However, if you’re choosing a premier custom vinyl banner printing company in NYC such as Signs New York, then rest assured that you’ve already made one very important decision correctly. Custom vinyl banners are possibly the best and most cost-effective method of marketing a business, property or organization. In addition to being more affordable than other types of signs, they are durable, reusable, and with proper lighting, can even promote your brand after you’ve closed up shop for the night. In short, a good banner is an easy and straight forward way to earn the public’s attention for the right reasons, and when properly executed, it’s almost impossible to ignore.

affordable custom vinyl banner printing new york city

Step 1: Location and Sizing

First, you need to choose where you want to hang your banner and select the proper size to make it. If you don’t have all the exact measurements — for example, if you know the width of your storefront but are unsure about the proper height — don’t worry.

At Signs NYC, we’re more than happy to visit your location and measure the space for a more precise sizing. In general, a larger sign will be a more legible sign, and within reason, will usually be the better choice. This is especially true if you want passing drivers or pedestrians to be able to read your sign at a glance. For more specific size recommendations, please read our blog on banner sizing here.

Step 2: Design

Along with the size of the sign itself, typeface sizing and the amount of text used is crucial for your banner’s readability. In order to ensure your banner can be read at a quick glance, you’ll need to utilize the concept of brevity. This means you’ll want your message to be as brief and concise as possible, without compromising the substance of your message. While this strategy has its limits, in most cases short and sweet is usually the way to go.

Just as we discussed earlier, style is key to successfully conveying your message to potential customers. A stylish design — whether it’s an existing logo and artwork designed by your company, or an original one crafted by our in-house graphics department — is where the creativity of the designer really shines through to give your message center stage. Once we’ve agreed on the best possible banner design, then it’s time to print and install your banner.

Step 3: Banner Materials and Printing Techniques

Not all vinyl film is created equal. Some are more suited for indoor use under artificial lighting, while other types of vinyl are made for outdoor displays under direct natural sunlight. The highest quality films — made by firms such as 3M, Avery, and Oracal — are made to withstand the elements. In addition to a high quality film, a durable banner will be printed using UV-cured inks in order to prevent fading from the sun.

We can also add other post production features, such as laminate or clear coat, in order to protect the banner from abrasive damage during handling, as well as grommet holes for an easier installation on any wall or flat surface. For free-standing banners, we offer a wide selection of accessories such as banner stands, ranging from the most durable to the most portable — including convenient carrying cases.

Step 4: Installation

Just as a well-built house needs a strong foundation in order to keep standing, an effective installation will depend on successfully completing the previous steps — in particular the site measurement. The Signs NYC installation team has the tools, equipment and experience to quickly and safely get your vinyl banner hung in no time. From bucket trucks to skilled hands, we can make short work of any project by ensuring we get the job done correctly the first time. We’re also more than happy to hang your banner during off hours, in order to minimize any disruption to your daytime business.

One of the great things about banners versus other types of signage is that it can often be installed by the customer. Even if you’re inexperienced, Signs NYC staff can walk you through the entire process, offer directions and even include written step-by-step instructions for safely hanging a banner, taking it down, as well as tips for proper storage and transportation. If you’re still unsure about setting up a banner for the first time, we can meet you at your business location or tradeshow venue for installation, or demonstrate a banner presentation for you at our Brooklyn sign shop.

When it comes to Vinyl Banner Printing, the Choice is yours

A vinyl banner printing company like Signs NYC is able to offer you quick and easy sign solutions for all your commercial advertising needs. We’re local which means we understand the New York market, in addition to our nationwide shipping and installation services that can reach you anywhere in the country.

Browse our website photo galleries to see examples of all the ways we can get your message across using original designs, bold colors, and durable materials as well as printing techniques. For more information on vinyl banners, please contact us free quote by visiting our request a quote page.

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