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Creative Sandwich Board Sign Ideas for Your Restaurant

outdoor a-frame signs for restaurant new york

The restaurant business is super competitive, which is why standing out from every other place is a key component to success. Of course, a good restaurant should have great food, but first impressions the kind that happens before you even walk into the restaurant is the signs board that cannot be overlooked.

This is where creative Restaurant Signs in NYC comes into play. Boards and stands outside of businesses are meant to attract customers, they make you think about whether to step into the restaurant or not.

What Kind of Eye-Catching A-Frame Signs are Available to Boost Your Business?

Every Restaurant Outdoor Signs influence the opinion of customers and strike an interaction toward the café or eatery. Here we‘ll discuss some creative sandwich boards for restaurants age that will amaze several customers around you.

Chalk Board Signs

An A-frame sidewalk chalk sign is great for those who are walking by on the road and can easily spot the eatery. For enticing your customers of café to dine in, write a funky quote or sweet lines on a sandwich chalkboard sign. People around the town suddenly respond to such funky quotes and convince to dine in the café.

chalk board a-frame signs new york

A dry erase board is another idea that works well but it’s a way different than other sandwich boards as its chalk are not permanent to write with so you can change the words whenever you want. When it comes to chalk board signs, it gathers huge popularity in the field of café and restaurants. No one is unfamiliar with the name of the subway, Taco Bell, Cinnabon the largest chain of fast foods. Signs NYC are proud to be associated with these companies and delivering them their signage products.

Outdoor Sandwich Boards

When your café is based in the condenser area of city, your sign is aimed to catch the attention of public and those quickly walking by, for this outdoor sandwich sign boards so you can write your daily specials on it with some playful style of humour and its double sided board then both sides can be utilized for enticing customers. People feel more pleasure to this and generally, like to visit those entries that have special kind of deals and subs of the day. When it comes to it getting outdoor sandwich boards signed is the right place to find them. We recently conveyed our signage outdoor sandwich boards to Hardees’s and Dunkin’ Donuts in for food listing and featuring deals.

outdoor sandwich board signs new york city

Wood Sandwich Board

For an antique look, the wood sandwich board are great for the vintage impression. It gives a classic wingback touch, it will improve its look and give a revival to the back culture with some modern expression on it. This classical revival of designs is the emergence of the modern age, will definitely blow up the minds of people. This type of retro sign boards is rendered for beer bars and coffee shops. Our highly skilled team is keenly expert in conceiving new styles for designing sign boards for café and other reputed eateries in the town.



Plastic Double Sided A- Frame Signs

These styled boards are excellent for capturing patrons’ attention as they’re hard to miss when placed at eye level. Through this board, stands are better for businesses with cafés. moreover, they can also find use when there is little available floor space outside of the cafe. The plasticide boards are light in weight and come with a handle to assemble them. This type of boards can be seen Hunt Brothers Pizza, Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen and Nando’s. Signs NYC is the proud partner of this food chain while providing the best signage products for their display.



Metal Frame Sign Board

The metal A-frame sign board draws more attention than a standard sign. This floor standing boards are made up of aluminum and are great for featuring drinks and other edible offered by the café or restaurant or can be used to attract people toward the shop. On the top these boards are great for getting the most promotional space with their double sided design. While all of these models metal frame boards, they come in different shapes and sizes for all type bars and café.


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