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Standoff signs are the signs you never knew you wanted. When people picture 3D signs, they often picture letter signs, or some type of stand up sign that sits on the floor of your office space. Signs NY is proud to offer standoff signs – custom glass, dibond, or acrylic signs that are placed on a display that pushes them off of the wall, making them far more easily noticed by anyone in your building and highlighting them to the eye.

Standoff Sign Design Ideas

What is a Standoff Sign?

A Standoff sign is not necessarily much different from a traditional glass, acrylic, or dibond sign. They are often rectangle (though other shapes can be created with our tools), and they are used primarily in business settings.

Yet rather than directly mount these signs on the wall (giving them a flat appearance), these signs are mounted on sign brackets that place the sign several centimeters to inches away from the wall. That added depth helps to highlight these signs for your company, which in turn attracts more eyes and highlights items of interest for your company. Signs NY can also customize these signs with colors, raised letters, and more.

What Are Standoff Signs Used For?

Custom standoff signs can be used nearly anywhere in your company. Many standoff signs are used as door number or name plaques, restroom signs, directional signs, branded signs, and more. But standoff signs can also be made in different sizes depending on your needs. You can create signs for your menu, signs for your most important advertisements, and much more.
Standoff signs are often the ultimate wall sign, and the perfect choice for your office sign needs.

Installation Options Available

Signs NY is also one of the only providers of installation services, to Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, and the Bronx, as well as select areas around NY and NJ. We can safely and quickly place the sign in the location you’ve left open for it, and because we offer quick turnaround and free estimates, you can get the help you need quickly from one of our trained staff members.

If you’d like to learn more about these standoff signs, give us a call today at (718) 453-8300. We’re happy to provide you with a no obligation quote, and a greater explanation about what our signs are and why they are a great choice for your business. Call today.

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