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There is a new type of sign found throughout New York that has recently surged in popularity. Known by many names, including fabric light box signs, and fabric light cabinets, these signs offer a unique blend of vibrant colors and long lasting design that makes them an ideal choice for the modern day business, and we’re proud to be able to offer these unique sign options at Signs NYC.

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What Are Fabric Light Box Signs?

The purpose of signage is to get noticed. It is there to send a message – to try to brand a business or market a product/service to anyone that is interested. Although there are thousands of different types of signs available, not all signs are ideal for helping your company expand its reach and get attention. But fabric light box signs are different. As the name implies, the sign design is printed on a highly durable, lightweight fabric material. It is then placed atop an LED light box, which can be mounted on walls or on displays to create a beautiful custom sign that is certain to get noticed.

Types of Fabric Light Boxes

Signs NYC offers a wide range of fabric lightbox sign solutions. You can have the ideal lightbox sign for your storefront or showroom according to your needs. Some of the popular types of fabric lightbox signs we offer are as follows:

snap frame light boxes

Snap Frame Light Boxes

Snap frame lightboxes are very popular because of their simple design, versatility, and lightweight. The snap frame has to snap open edges on both sides to securely hold your design. The LED lights provide even lighting and this results in the perfect lighted graphic display.

frameless fabric light boxes

Frameless Fabric Light Boxes

Frameless fabric lightboxes have a perfect advertisement screen-to-body ratio. If you want to advertise your entire product or brand, without frames to overshadow the message, our frameless fabric lightboxes are the way to go.

led acrylic and backlit panels

LED Acrylic and Backlit Panels

Our fabric lightboxes are backlit with long-lasting LEDs that allow you to promote your brand all day and night. And the acrylic backing gives it firm support making it durable and all of this at a low operational cost.

non lit frames

Non-Lit Frames

Non-lit frames or the flip-up snap frames feature a small depth for low-profile wall installation. Non-lit frames are designed for marketers that frequently change their images, saving time by making print flipping faster without the worry of LED lights.

Technical Specs

The light box signs are extremely light weight. They can be customized in size, color intensity, brightness, finishes (with silver, black, and several customizable finishes available), and much more. For businesses looking for a better way to market, these signs are easily a great choice.

Custom Sizes

Mounting Types

Material Options

Fabric light box signs can be manufactured out of a variety of materials, making them one of the most customized and distinctive-looking signs you can use in your office or other business location. The following are some of the most popular materials used for these signs:

fabric nyc


Our lightbox signs are made from high-quality polyester canvas fabric. It is a no-glare fabric and graphics are printed using fade-resistant UV-based inks.

pvc banner material

PVC Banner Material

We have a variety of PVC banner materials that come in a range of widths, thicknesses, finishes, and sizes to assist you to fulfill your unique application needs.

adhesive vinyl

Elf-adhesive Vinyl or Acrylic Panels

Self-Adhesive Vinyl is a printed vinyl with a sticky back coating that allows it to cling to flat non-porous surfaces and the acrylic panels can be used to provide a strong base.

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Benefits Of Custom Fabric Light Box Signs

Fabric box signs are more than a niche, interesting material. They have many benefits that make them ideal for companies that are trying to expand their reach. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

These are only some of the many benefits that fabric light boxes have over other types of signs. They are also lighter weight, involve less maintenance, and are great for lowering energy bills. These particular boxes, made with LED, are also more desirable than similar boxes, like those with fluorescent lighting, because they do not require big tubes, are less likely to fizzle out, and provide more lighting options (LEDS can be customized for brightness in a way that fluorescent signs cannot.

Where Fabric Light Box Signs Are Used?

Fabric lightboxes from Signs NYC provide lighted, easy-to-read signage for retail, trade fair, and event settings. LED strip lighting is pre-attached to the frame for simplicity of setup on these backlit fabric displays. Some businesses that use these signs are:

retail environments

Retail Environments

The illuminated signs can be used in a variety of settings in retail environments to make businesses stand out from the crowd.



Airport signs require visibility and attention-grabbing features, and these signs in big sizes are easy to read.

museums nyc


Fabric lightboxes are perfect where you have wall space to display the signs like museums and theatres.

food services

Food Service

Single or double fabric lightboxes are used to display menu boards for cafes and restaurants that are highly visible and easy to read.

corporate offices

Corporate Offices

Snap frames are a great method to promote or deliver essential information in corporate offices and professional business settings.

trade show exhibitions

Trade Show Exhibitions

The flexibility and multi-purpose use of fabric lightboxes makes them perfect for events and trade show exhibitions

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For those that are interested in learning more about these fabric light boxes, there is no greater sign company in NY and NJ than Signs NYC. Based in Brooklyn, with the ability to provide select installation and shipping services, Signs NYC has some of the most affordable and highest quality sign options available, complete with ample customization choices and excellent customer service. We also have our own graphic designers available that can assist you with your design, and our ability to print on fabric both large and small means that we can continue to be a top choice for your sign needs in the future. We know you have your choice in NYC sign companies, which is why we make every effort to ensure that our fabric light boxes are ready and able to meet your needs. If you are in need of a lighted sign of any kind, including indoor fabric signs. We are one of the most well known and highly regarded sign companies in New York and New Jersey, offering the best combination of affordable sign printing, sign design, and the best quality custom signage. Contact us today to get started.

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