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HPD Signs NYC are one of the most important requirements by the New York City (NYC) Housing Preservation and Development Program (HPD) in order for buildings to stay in compliance according to NYC building code. Specific types of signs must be displayed as required by the NYC HPD. At Signs NYC, we have helped many of the 200,000 homes and complexes that are registered to this program get the long lasting signs they need to remain in the program. With affordable prices and fast service, Signs NYC is the company of choice for HPD signs.

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What Are HPD Signs?

HPD signs are an important element of building maintenance for property managers in New York City. The NYC housing preservation and development program (HPD) has particular building signage requirements that property owners must follow to avoid fines and penalties. Various buildings require different NYC building department (DOB) signs. Therefore it is important to collaborate with HPD to find out which signs are required for your building, as well as the criteria for each sign.

Types Of HPD Signs

Smoke Detector Signs

Any Class A dwelling needs a smoke detector sign near the mailboxes, or a combination smoke detector carbon monoxide sign.

Janitor Name Signs

Every HPD property needs to have contact information for either a janitor or the superintendent. If there isn’t one, one should hired to be on call.

Carbon Monoxide Signs

After approval by HPD, property owners must have a sign that indicates the presence of a carbon monoxide detector. Can be combined with smoke detector.

Gas Leak Notice Signs

Gas leaks are dangerous. HPD properties are required to have an “in case of gas leak” sign that can also be combined with smoke and carbon monoxide detector signage.

HPD Building Serial Number Signs

Every registered HPD property has to have a registration number sign on a prominent display. The number will stay the same with renewal.

HPD Boiler Room Signs

In case of emergency, workers need to know who has the key to the boiler room and where it is located. Both of these signs need to be easy to find.

Garbage Collection Signs

Hours and dates of garbage collection need to be on display for any property without a dumbwaiter. This sign also needs to be tamper-proof.

Maximum Occupancy Signs

For fire safety reasons, many HPD buildings have “maximum occupancy” HPD signs that indicate the most people that can safely be on a property.

Required Fire Safety Plan Signs

An egress sign, or some other type of fire evacuation plan sign, should also be created and on display. It is ideal if the sign is fireproof.

Tenant Screening Notice Signs

If applicable, you may need a sign that discusses tenant screenings and how they are used, along with contact information as needed.

Disaster Response Signage

There should be a sign on the property that gives all tenants the numbers and information needed in the event of nearly any type of emergency.

Interruption of Services Notice

When a planned interruption is going to take place, you are legally required to post a sign in a visible area. It may be useful to have a long lasting one.

Required Heating System Signs

When applicable, HPD properties need to have signs that identify who to call for HVAC-related needs, elevators, and more.

Floor Number Signs

Every floor is expected to have a visible, clearly marked floor number, so that anyone visiting the property or living on it knows where they are at all times.

Fire Safety Notice

There is a type of sign found on HPD properties that walk people through what to do in the event of a fire. This should be displayed in an easy-to-locate space.

Safe Construction Bill of Rights

Some property owners are required to print and post copies of the Safe Construction Bill of Rights for properties that qualify.

Boiler Room Keys Signs

In addition to the sign for the boiler room, there should also be a sign that indicates who has the keys and what number to call. This is required on most HPD buildings.

NYC DOB Subdivision Signs

Finally, properties may be required to put an NYC Dept of Buildings subdivision sign, with information that is clearly available for anyone to access.

Housing Information Guide Signs

Every tenant has rights. HPD may require a sign that sends tells people where to get a guide with information on those tenant rights.

In a Fire, Close All Doors Sign

This emergency exit sign according to NYC admin code 15-135 is used to give warning and importance of closing all doors and evacuate a building or apartment to tenants and visitors to prevent from fire.

No Smoking Signs

These signs inform tenants, owners, customers of no smoking regulations and instructions in commercial and residential properties with no smoking signs comply with NYC Smoke-Free Air Act sign (SFAA sign).

Do Not Block Hallways Signs

This sign implies to keep the safety levels required by separate federal and municipal agencies and institutions in NYC to notify tenants, owners, customers, guests, officers of No Storage In Hallways of facility with exact HPD designation.

Technical Specs

Every type of sign has its own technical requirements. It is important you contact HPD, or talk to our team here at Signs NYC to determine which each sign’s requirements may be. We’re very familiar with the requirements set forth by the HPD DOB, and we can walk you through the development of each type of sign, or use our templates to make sure your sign matches expectations. With that in mind, there are several technical commonalities between these different sign types. These include:





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Why HPD Signs are Required?

Signs NYCs’ Building Department signs make it easy to maintain your property up to code and provide the following benefits:

When it comes to regulatory signs, you should never compromise on quality. Signs NYC is expertise in manufacturing all sorts of durable building information signs, HPD Signs, and fire safety signs you require.

Who Needs an HPD Sign?

The HPD requires that any property owner that manages a property of more than 3 residential units, or those that manage a property of any kind in which the owner does not currently reside. Every year, registration in the HPD needs to be renewed. HPD occasionally checks to see which signs are present, and if they find any signs are missing, there may be hefty fines. Although there are many sign companies in NYC, Signs NYC offers more. We have years of experience creating every type of HPD sign for thousands of properties around Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Queens. We have fast turnaround options, many of which can be completed in 1 to 3 days. We have design services if needed, and we can apply tape to the back to make it easier to install.

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Industry That Uses HPD Signs Package

Any property owner who manages a building either commercial or residential requires an HPD sign. We can collaborate with you to design signage for your property that is according to required rules, your customized demands, and is made to last a long time. Some of the industries that use these signs are:



HPD signs are used to mark fire safety plans, floor numbers, and other safety precautions in a university facility area.



Government Buildings use HPD mandatory signs in a variety of ways both indoors and outdoors for fire safety, video surveillance, etc.

corporate offices


HPD building signs are a great and professional tool to display important safety notices in corporate offices and professional business settings.



These signs for financial offices are an effective tool for easy-to-read safety signs with a customized professional look and long-lasting signage.

food services

Food Service

Food services use custom HPD signs for displaying safety information, directions, and marking fire safety exits, kitchen areas, etc.

health care nyc

Health Care

Hospitals and health care facilities use easy-to-read signs for displaying safety measures, garbage collection signs, and displaying necessary information.

Contact Signs NYC Today for HPD Signs

Whatever your sign needs, Signs NYC can work with you to create a sign that matches it and is built to last. We have created every type of HPD signs and worked with customers in NYC for decades. Our experience and commitment to quality is unmatched. In addition to HPD signs, we are able to craft any signage your building might need. Give us a call today to discuss your property, or to start your property management sign order.

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