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The world is filled with visual clutter, so when it comes to promoting a business an eye catching sign always wins the battle of business advertisement. The signs should be visible and attractive, but it also helps if they’re versatile. It doesn’t get much more versatile than a reflective solarRay signage that captivates its viewers in its first look. 

Custom Billboard Sequins Display Signs in NYC  

Your sequins billboard signs, the sign can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, but in most cases, you’ll be stuck with large one. On the other hand, a sequins solarRay is a sign that you can constantly use for attracting gaze. You can use it to advertise your latest product or alert the public that you’re having a sale or you can go with all of your branding needs. These signs feature high reflective images that consist of small highly reflective sequins permanently mounted to a clear plastic grid or frame work. The mounted sequins move freely with a delicate movement of air throwing brilliant reflections of light in all directions, like a rainbow. When you want your sign with several color combination broad range of color options are here, and they do a great job of capturing attention.

At Signs NY, these grid sequin signs can be easily customized for any purpose, with the panel through multiple shapes like an octagon, circle, and square that's available nearly any size or color. If your goal is to create maximum coverage with the greatest visibility, reflective sequins signage will be your ideal solution.

Sequin Display Manufacturer and Installation Services

Billboard and outdoor advertising have a larger exposure than any other advertising medium. The sequin billboards signs are excellent for quickly covering the surface of a wall and much like in sequin channel letters. the impact of sequin solar ray is best determined by its location. For this outdoor installation of sequin signs, it is important to consider the seasonal angle of the sun in relation to your sign face. We keenly observe the Best angle when going to install SolaRay that it has an Eastern or Western exposure, taking advantage of the Sun as much as possible and give a glowing display.

Businesses that Use Sequin SolaRay Sign

There is no limit to the number of businesses that can enjoy benefit from the reflective grid sequin sign so they get noticed easily with their shiny glare and Easy to customize your business exclusively, all of your potential customers will see the sign Perfect for almost any industry, and used often in:

  • Theme Parks & Amusement Parks
  • Trade Shows
  • Stage & Theatrical Displays
  • Retail Businesses
  • Outdoor Architectural Signage
  • Billboards Product Signage

Why Choose Signs NY for Sequin Solar Ray Signs?

Signs NY, the leading sign manufacturing company in New York City, provides custom sequin signs in all 5 boroughs, from Manhattan to Brooklyn to Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and more. Our company creates Sequin Signs in NYC with a variety of styles to match your needs that you have in your commercial business marketing. If you are willing to find SolaRay Signs Company that make sequins signs according to your exact specifications, Call us today at 718-453-8300 to find out more about our sequin sign options or to get started with your SolarRay Sign.