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How to Choose Vinyl Banner Design to Increase Your Business Recognition

Posted on Wednesday, 15 February 2017 By Signs NY

Vinyl Banner Design Tips for Business Branding

Banners grab in huge attention, and Vinyl banner design for business requires extra care and higher diligence of scrutiny.

All that matters in creating an eye-catching and efficient Vinyl banner is the readability of content.

Fonts play a major role in defining the content, and the legibility of the banner.

A perfectly designed banner doesn't require any physical strain to the eye.

The infographic below, gives a greater emphasis for creating best Vinyl banners.

Vinyl Banner Design Ideas & Sizes for Business

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I.Font-Styles And Sizes For Vinyl Banners

Recommendation of Font-Styles for Outdoor Banners:


Many a fonts work well on banners. The clause for designing banners lies in creating a readable and simple banner.

A person who drives would barely have 3-5 seconds to take a look at your banner; So keeping them clean, simple and neat would eventually grab more attention and help in easy understanding of the advertisement.


The most used common banner size for outdoor banner is 4' x 8'.

Other outdoor banner sizes:

  • 4' x 4'
  • 4' x 6'
  • 4' x 8'
  • 4' x 10'
  • 4' x 12'


The Serif follows a style, where the letters have curved angular lines form the top and bottom. Serif lettering usually doesn't throw an emphasis onto the weight of the letters; So the font style is easy to read and understand. Font styles used under serif:

  • Lucida

Serif Font-Styles are considered easy to read even when given in paragraphs.


Sans-Serif is a Bold font, where "sans" in french means Without, so it doesn't have the curved angular lines like the Serif.

It is considered as one of the best choices for banners as it is more legible and widely these fonts are preferred to be deployed in larger sizes or in styling the Titles.

Font styles under sans-serif:

  • Verdana
  • Helvetica
  • Century Gothic

Script and Cursive

Gives the originality of handwriting to the banner designs. Best used in italics.

Fact of consideration would be readability and should be used with higher diligence when choosing banner titles! The letters in script are disjoint and that of cursive are joint.

Mostly this font style is avoided in paragraphs, as it decreases readability and appears cluttered.

Font Styles for Business Banners:


The vital marketing tool for business could also be banners.

Making ads with them is cost effective and assures you of a higher durability, with appropriate maintenance.

Using limited fonts and appropriate mix of colors, would enhance the readability of the banners.


Most common Business banners size is: 3'x 6'

Other Business Banner sizes Includes:

  • 3' x 4'
  • 3' x 6'
  • 3' x 8'
  • 3' x 10'
  • 3' x 12'



Grouped under the primary category of Serif: Georgia Font-Style was intended to look elegant and legible, when primary Font-Style: Serif, is printed over smaller screens and resolutions.

Georgia is designed with larger X-height and lesser fine details, to project the Bold view.

Times New Roman

One of the most deployed Font-Style in the Industry. Primarily a Serif: Times New Roman adds the contrast between stokes of lettering to give an enhanced crispier look to the primary Font-Style.

Letters in Times New Roman looks more condensed and upright.

Usually used for paragraph writing, as it is more legible and easy to read.


A Sans-Serif typeface, wherein all the character widths are Identical.

The Overall curves in the lettering is softer.

Cutting on the terminal strokes gives it less mechanical appearance.

It is used in many styles like: Bold, Regular and Italic.


Belongs to the category of Sans-Serif: Helvetica has tight spacing between the letters and tall x-height, making it read when given in smaller sizes and at a distance.

It follows an oblique style, rather than Italic.


Primarily was used in printing Gutenberg bibles, mirroring the style that was used by ancient monks.

Texts appears cluttered when used for paragraphs.

It follows a Bold style.

Used as Title-Font in News Papers and Logos for business.

Font Styles for Indoor Banners:

Choosing appropriate median colors with befitting font styling could make indoor banners highly effective.

The main focus to the indoor banners would be on to the center.

So, making the center look clear and simple should be our Motto.


Primary size used is: 2'x4'

Other sizes include:

  • 2'x4'
  • 2'x6'
  • 2'x8'
  • 2'x10'
  • 2'x12'



Widely used Font-Style under Sans-Serif: Verdana was primarily designed to be read at Lower-resolutions.

The Font-style has large x-height with wider proportions and loose letter spacing for an elegant and neat display.

Verdana follows a Bold font style.


Falling under variant typefaces like the Serif and Sans-Serif: Lucida has a large x-height i.e Taller lower case Letters along with Open apertures and widely spaced letters.

Classically designed for increasing the legibility in the body texts.

Lucida Regular is used most while drafting paragraph contents.

II.Effective Usage Of 'COLORS' in Vinyl Banner

To make the banners interact, the usage of proper 'COLORS', play a major role, and efficiently aiding us to have throbbing impact!

We can associate colors for evoking various emotions among the readers. So, Choosing the appropriate color becomes a wise choice;

When you consider working with larger banners the first thing readers notice would be the colors!


  • One color that we would never be bored to look on for a long time.
  • The color is associated with: Safety, Trust, Clarity, Serenity, Intellect, Formality, Elegance, Truth, Refreshment, Coldness and Masculinity.


  • Most vibrant color, and can be noticed distinctly from any distance; It is known to be the most attractive color.
  • Associated with: Danger, Passion, Anger, Excitement, Speed and Love


  • A Spot light grab to the users attention and the color is more Energetic than orange and red.
  • Using this color at appropriate places, would just be beneficial! Too much of usage would be irritating, since the color reflects most light falling over
  • Yellow can be associated with: Humor, Sunshine, Optimism and Energy


  • The color of 'Nature', and the one most pleasing to the eyes.
  • It is associated with Health, Freshness, Wealth, The Environment, Growth, Nurturing and New Beginnings


  • Color that's Catchy and Dynamic! Black can be used for Corporate and traditional purpose; Most readable color when given on a white background.
  • The color of black is associated with Evil, Mystery, Power, Prestige, Grief and Formality.


  • Too much of dark colors are boring, Pink fits in a soother and an Enhancer to the darker shades.
  • Also, it's the Color of Women's Pride; Primary color that denotes Feminism.
  • Pink can also be associated to Love, Sweetness, Femininity and Babies.


  • Simple and elegant color. Paramount color of Peace and Serenity.
  • Associated with Purity, Cleanliness, Modernity, Sterility, Simplicity, Honesty, Innocence, Virginity, Goodness.


  • Energetic and emphatic color. It is considered a great color for Call To Action(CTA).
  • Associated with Vitality and Happiness.


  • Throw a soothing, calming and greater effect of Royalty with the color of Purple.
  • Purple associates itself with Luxury, Royalty, Extravagance, Wisdom, Magic, Ambition, Femininity and Creativity.


  • Great balance to the Stronger colors, used for background colors and giving in textures.
  • Associated with: Nature, Wood, Leather and Humility.

III.Vinyl Banner Finishes:

Getting done with the Vinyl Banners, the next would be onto the Finishes. With the varied variety of Finishes available; Apprehending the BEST finish that suits the vinyl Banners, is equally important.

Vinyl banners with Grommets:


  • Grommets are composed of metal rings which are made of #2 Brass.
  • Placed at all the four edges of the banner, at about a perimeter of 2-4 feet.
  • Used when the banners are hung outdoors, to prevent it from ripping or tearing.
  • Outdoor banners are usually hung using ropes, hanging clips or ball bungees.

Pole Packets:


  • Gets along well with banner stands or when you are planning to display banners using poles.
  • No extra material space is left, for making the Pole packets; A 2-3 inch space is taken from the original size of the banner, and Pole packets are made.
  • Prior intimation should be given to the designer, if you want your banners to hold Pole Pockets.

Outdoor Finish:


  • Making it work for the extreme climatic variance, Outdoor banners need to be having a greater and thicker finish.
  • For extra sturdiness and reinforcement, extra materials are given at the edges, which is folded and sealed over the back.
  • Applying the outdoor finish increases the span of the banner highly.


Designing your Vinyl Banner effectively could grab you great Deals!Your banner represents your Branding and Identity; Making the best at first impression would last longer. Applying these techniques can make you have a greater outreach!

Your expertise is an add on Bonus! Add in your creative ideas in the Comments, if I have missed out on any.

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