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There is an art to custom sign fabrication. It’s not just about the material, the electronic components, the hardware or even the design itself. It’s about the most accurate possible expression of a client’s vision — and the brand confidence that’s instilled when the viewer experiences the graphic right in front of their eyes for the first time.

At Signs NYC one of the ways that we create the highest quality signage is with our custom Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Router Cutting Services in NYC.

What are the Materials We Cut Using CNC Router?

Capable of cutting 2D and 3D images from a number of different materials, our wholesale CNC cutting services can create the custom cuts and designs that bring your idea from the planning and design stages to life. With this technology now in our client’s hands, they can finally attain the professional grade signs, displays, prototypes and products they’ve always imagined.

We cut, etch, carve, outline and ornament metal, wood, vinyl, plastic, foam, fiberglass and more. Now the ability to craft a quality sign that is not only built to last — but also to make a lasting impression — is right at your fingertips.

Indeed, CNC Routers can create perfect cuts out of materials that are otherwise extremely difficult to shape or hand carve with absolute precision, including:

brass nyc


carpet nyc


rubber nyc


silicon nyc


plywood nyc


fiberglass nyc


havc duct liner nyc

HVAC Duct Liner

leather nyc


metal material


carbon composite nyc

Carbon Composite

Copper, Cardboard, MDF, Gator Foam, Corrugated Plastic, Kevlar, Paper, Closed Cell Phone, Vinyl, Lexan — these are only a fraction of the endless list of materials that CNC technology is capable of cutting into with ease — and represent a sample of some of the items that we can custom create from scratch for every single one of our clients.

metal cnc router cutting services nyc

What are the Benefits of CNC Router Cutting?

The CNC Cutting Services by Signs NYC have created all types of objects for businesses across Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island, and Queens as well as throughout Long Island and New Jersey. As a sign company, most of the clients we see and serve contact us for custom shapes and cuts out of their signs, as a way to add a level of detail that is simply not possible with graphics alone. But we are also created for:

We have even helped create inventor prototypes, promotional products, even puzzles and toys — anything that requires the use of this type of computer aided printing technology. With a bed size of 5x8, our CNC cutting potential allows us to create items for any client that requires this level of technology and high-capacity output, and we’re always happy to consult with you on your custom CNC cutting needs to determine what is the best choice in automated cutting solutions.

Why Consider Our CNC Router Cutting Services?

CNC is best used to create signs and three-dimensional objects using custom cuts and shapes. It’s one thing to print or draw on a sign. It’s quite another to have a permanent custom graphic or typeface cut out of your sign in a way that is professional and clean. These cuts can be indented in the sign face or cut away from the lettering in stunning high or low relief.

As a NYC CNC Router company that offers CNC Router Sign Fabrication, we are able to create some of the highest quality; most unique signs and advertisements — out of almost any solid substance required for the project — using these routers and do so both quickly and for an affordable price.

But CNC Routers aren’t just for signs. They can also be used to cut designs in cabinet panels, create unique shapes in wood or metal, and generate holes that may be needed to hang decorations. That’s why we are contacted in New York City to create a variety of custom objects and materials using this unique CNC router technology.

2d 3d modelling and milling services nyc

Call Signs NYC Today to Get Started

In some cases, our custom CNC cutting services are a part of our signage development and sign creation needs. At other times, it may be best to contact us and let us guide you through the process to determine which sign options and custom CNC router cutting choices are right for you.

Let Signs NYC be your source for CNC router cutting solutions, no matter what project you have. Our team is here to help assist you throughout the process, offering some of the most affordable and highly sought-after solutions for each and every one of our clients.

For more information about our CNC router cutting services, or to get started, please feel free and contact us today by filling out the form on our site and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We provide this router cutting service not only in NYC, but also for clients throughout the East Coast and beyond, and we’re confident that we can create the perfect sign or cut for your business or personal needs.

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