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UltraBoard Aluminum

UltraBoard Aluminum is a lightweight structural panel. It consists of a rigid polystyrene foam core facing anodized aluminium on one side and litho grade high impact polystyrene on the other. Its thickness ranges from 3/16″ to 3″. The foam and facer are tightly bonded together. 

Ultraboard aluminium is ideally used for logos and decorative letters. It is easier to craft than solid metal, using a saw or router. The best thing about this material is that it even maintains its appearance better; the surface is anodized aluminum, which doesn’t fade, tarnish, or rust. The back side is high-impact polystyrene.

Moreover, it is lightweight, less expensive, and delivers the same impact and appeal as metal, but in a durable, versatile foam-centered product.
ultraboard aluminum office signs

Physical Features

The materials used in it are anodized aluminum, polystyrene foam core, and polystyrene surface. Ultrabroad Aluminum comes either trimmed or untrimmed. Untrimmed foam core boards are slightly larger than standard foam core boards. Moreover, it comes in four finishes: polished gold, brushed gold, polished silver, and brushed silver. The thickness of this material ranges from ½” to 3/16″.

Benefits of UltraBoard Aluminum

The best thing about this panel is that you can utilize both sides of aluminum panels. Some other benefits that make this material ideal are:

Weaknesses of UltraBoard Aluminum

There are some drawbacks of this material as well that make it less valuable and limit its usability.