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Acrylic is one of the clearest materials and also known as plexiglass that resembles glass. It offers a transparency rate of 93% and weighs 50% less than a glass of equal thickness. 

The acrylic signs are very distinctive and high-class signs that offer durability with light weight. They are available in standard glossy surface and they come up with several options for customization such as clear, frosted and in vibrant color form. On top of that, acrylic signs can bear many harsh conditions.

Acrylic is used in a variety of industries, the most common is retail. It is also well known for its contemporary look and feel, which is why it’s also one of the most common signs in tech companies, high-end clothing stores, and any place where you clearly display your logo and brand name.

Acrylic as a material may also be used for small signs as well, including bathroom signs, room numbers, open hours, and it’s used in regulatory signs that need to be durable without detracting from the design of the property.

acrylic name plate signs

Physical Features

Acrylic gives a better transparency rate than the glass, which is 93%, and weighs 50% less than the glass. It is excellent chemical resistant. Though you can get it in custom sizes, but the common sizes of acrylic are 12”x24”, 18”x 24”, 24”x36”

Acrylic can be found in custom shapes. However, the common shapes are rectangle, circle, square, and more custom shapes. If we talk about thickness, it can come in 1/4″ or 1/8, and even more. As mentioned before, it is a lightweight, it weighs 0.750 lbs/sq ft for ¼” & 1.200 lbs/sq ft for ⅛” thickness.

Benefits of Acrylic

Acrylic is loved by companies that want their graphics to look high-end and elegant. Its shiny appearance gives signage a neat and refined look. That’s why acrylic is a really beneficial option if you want to consider it for your advertising and wayfinding needs. Let’s see some major benefits that make it better than other materials. If these benefits make sense to you, you should consider using this material.

Weaknesses of Acrylic

Despite the numerous advantages of acrylic, there are some drawbacks that reduce its value in comparison to glass or limit its usability. Let’s see those downsides.