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Menu Sign Boards for Restaurants and Cafes in NYC

Returning diners are how most restaurants make money. It helps to have some core items on the menu that your guests love, so that they keep coming back for more. But you also want to keep things fresh. Whether it’s a new beer on tap, new seasonal meals, or a new menu altogether, the restaurants and cafes around New York City are often tasked with finding new meals for customers to enjoy.

Magnetic menu boards are the signs best suited for rotating menus. While Signs NY has printed hundreds of permanent menu displays for dining areas across NYC, magnetic menu boards are often the perfect choice for restaurants – and even some non-food retail establishments – to share what they can offer customers and change their menu as needed.

Menu Board Design Ideas

What Are Magnetic Menu Boards?

As the name implies, these indoor menu boards are a type of display with a magnetic background, allowing the company (usually a restaurant) to post the meals of the day.

It is used by restaurants, coffee shops, bagel joints, fast food – any time a company has a menu that may need to be rotated on a regular basis. The business can then switch out either the entire board or different parts of the board in order to keep it fresh and up to date.

What Are Custom Magnetic Menu Boards?

There are countless ways to create a menu board in NYC, as these signs can be customized in dozens of different ways. For example, Signs NY can create a menu board that is:

  • Backlit – If you want your changeable menu board to be backlit so that it is easy to see in any lighting, we can make sure that you have the backlit lighted sign that is best for your needs.
  • Semi-Changeable – For menus that are generally static, but may need to have price changes or small alterations, we can make full color graphical display that has small parts that can be changed as needed. These are especially popular with the fast food industry and those that use fresh ingredients, where pricing can change rapidly but the menu is largely the same.
  • Magnetic Menu Board Design – The design of the magnetic board itself can be changed. Everything from the frame to the shape can all be altered to meet the needs of your business.
  • Graphics for Menu Boards – While magnetic menu boards are best known for text, it is also possible to create graphics that stick to the board. If you have seasonal items, for example, and you want to show pictures of the meals, these graphics can be placed on and off as needed.

We can also create custom magnetic menu board letters if you like, and turn your board into a sign that you can use to generate business as well. Used as restaurant menu boards, coffee shop menu boards, and even within the world of retail for seasonal items and prices, our creations are the perfect choice for helping your business stay up to date for its customers.

Benefits of Magnetic Menu Boards

Magnetic menu signs have many distinctive benefits. Their primary benefit is that they can be easily changed. For menus, especially, this is often critical as it helps customers order without detailing what is or is not in season. It is also important for those that want to share a message, or change prices at a moment’s notice.

But these signs are more than that. These signs are also incredibly customizable, making them a beautiful and impressive sign for your restaurant. You can brand signs with your logo, use a specialty design, add graphics and color, and so much more. Many of the signs you see around New York City right now are menu signs that were crafted with such high quality that they look like permanent prints.

Order Your Custom Magnetic Menu Signs from Signs NY

Signs NY is proud to be the leader in magnetic menu sign fabrication. We have been in the sign business for over 30 years, and have all of the latest in sign printing and development technology. This allows us to provide very high quality designs at a lower cost than our competition.

We also have a complete design team, so that if you are not sure how to create a magnetic sign, our team can craft it for you. We also provide installation services if you need to make sure your magnetic sign is working properly. There are many reason to use a magnetic menu sign, not only in restaurants, fast food, and coffee shops, but also in any specialty shop that needs to change what it offers at any time. Let Signs NY be the company that help develop those signs for you. Give us a call today, or send us your information for a no-obligation quote.

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