Large paper signs stand out as potent marketing assets in both the bustling urban landscape of NYC, the diverse markets of New Jersey, and the tranquil suburbs. They excel at capturing attention and delivering messages effectively, whether gracing the façade of a retail establishment or adorning residential areas. 

Their adaptability makes them the perfect choice for businesses seeking to create a strong visual impact in these dynamic regions. From enhancing supermarket promotions to serving as eye-catching temporary advertisements and facilitating real estate rentals, these versatile paper signs offer a multitude of promotional opportunities.

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What are Paper Poster Signs?

Paper poster signs are printed displays made from paper material and typically used for various promotional or informational purposes. These signs can come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs, depending on the specific needs of the user. They are commonly used for advertising events, sales, promotions, and announcements in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Paper poster signs are relatively lightweight and cost-effective, making them a popular choice for short-term marketing campaigns, such as promoting a special offer or an upcoming event. They can be easily affixed to walls, windows, bulletin boards, or other surfaces using adhesive, tape, or pins. While they may not be as durable as some other signage materials, they are an economical and versatile option for businesses and organizations looking to convey messages to a wide audience.

Types Of Large Paper Posters

One of the benefits of paper signage is that it can handle any type of design and any type of print. It can be crafted in bulk or used for a single purpose. It can be laminated for outdoor use or kept light for rapid and cost efficient prints. As a full service sign company, there are almost no signs that we cannot create, and that includes paper signs no matter how they match your vision. Some examples of these paper signs include:
hand lettered paper poster sign maker nyc


Hand-lettered signs are signs in which the text and design elements are created manually, usually by a skilled artist or sign maker, rather than being generated through mechanical or digital means. These signs are known for their artistic and personalized touch, often featuring intricate calligraphy, decorative embellishments, and unique fonts.

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Window paper signs are promotional or informational displays made of paper material designed to be affixed to windows or glass surfaces. These signs are typically used for various purposes, especially in retail and commercial settings. Here are some common applications of window paper signs.

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Supermarket paper poster signs are large paper-based displays commonly used within supermarkets and grocery stores for advertising, marketing, and informational purposes.


Here are some of the most popular paper poster sizes client ask. We are a custom paper sign printing company s which mean we can print custom sizes. 

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Benefits of Large Paper Signs

One of the benefits of paper signage is that it can handle any type of design and any type of print. It can be crafted in bulk or used for a single purpose. It can be laminated for outdoor use or kept light for rapid and cost-efficient prints. As a full service sign company, there are almost no signs that we cannot create, and that includes paper signs no matter how they match your vision.
Custom paper signs printing is versatile. There are businesses that use it to advertise short term specials, researchers that use them to market their research papers, local plays that use these paper posters to market their shows, and more. When you need clear, cost-effective paper signs, Signs NYC is the one to call.


Unlike some other types of signage, there are very few limitations on where a paper sign can be displayed. Even outdoors, it is possible to use paper signs, especially if they have been laminated or are within some type of enclosure.

supermarkets & pharmacies nyc

Supermarkets use paper signs for quick updates on sales, guiding customers to products, and announcing special offers. They're cost-effective and easy to change, but less durable than permanent signs.

food services

Restaurants use paper signs for daily specials, directing customers to seating, or announcing short-term events. They're affordable and easy to update but lack the longevity of permanent signs.

car dealerships nyc

Paper signs at car dealerships are quick, affordable, and easy to update. They're great for advertising sales or directing customers. However, they lack the durability of permanent signs.

movie theaters nyc

Paper poster signs were traditionally famous for theatres and are still popularly used for advertising movies and shows.

movie theaters nyc

Movie crews use paper signs for temporary direction, such as guiding cast and crew to set locations. They're quick to put up and easy to remove, but not meant for long-term use.

politicians campaigns

Custom paper poster signs are most commonly used for promoting a political campaign because they are easier to be printed quickly in bulk.

coffee shops nyc

Window paper signs are used in coffee shops to display offers and welcome customers with motivating quotes and slogans.


Hand-painted paper posters are a creative option used in schools and universities to display information regarding events, meetings, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the available sizes for large paper poster signs?

We offer a range of sizes and also provide custom dimensions to meet your specific requirements. From standard sizes like 24"x36" and 36"x48" to any custom size, Signs New York has you covered.

Can the large paper poster signs be used outdoors?

Yes, our posters are printed on high-quality materials suitable for outdoor use. For added durability, consider our lamination or additional coating options to protect against weather elements.

How are the large paper poster signs printed?

At Signs New York, we utilize advanced printing technology to ensure high-resolution and vibrant color output for all our poster signs. Choose between digital, offset, or large format printing to suit your needs.

What is the turnaround time for printing and delivery?

We offer various mounting options, including hanging kits, adhesive backing, or frames, to ensure your poster signs are displayed securely and effectively.

Can I get a custom design for my large paper poster sign?

Absolutely! You can work with our skilled design team for a unique and impactful design or upload your own design in various file formats.

Can I order paper poster signs in bulk, and is there a discount for bulk orders?

Absolutely! We accommodate bulk orders and offer attractive discounts for such orders to make it cost-effective for your business.

What is the turnaround time for printing and delivery?

Our standard turnaround time is 3-5 business days, but if you're in a hurry, explore our expedited options for quicker delivery.

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