Warning of Video Surveillance Signs NYC

HPD 24 Hours Video Surveillance Building Signs NYC

Part of owning an HPD sign means protecting the property. Often that involves the installation of a video surveillance system – one that not only operates 24 hours to prevent crime, but also acts as a deterrent to potential criminals in a way that gives the property added protection.

NYC does not require that all buildings with surveillance systems have video surveillance signs. But it helps to make sure that building occupants, and anyone that may wish to target your building, know and recognize the surveillance systems in place.

Create Long Lasting 24 Hour Video Surveillance Signs in NYC

At Signs NY, our team can create quality, affordable video surveillance signs for sale to any type of building, designed with materials that are built to last. We have created many such signs in the past, and can customize text or size depending on your needs. We recommend that every sign should have:

  • NOTICE – The word "Notice" helps to attract attention, and shows people that the sign is important. We recommend the word notice either in red, or in white across a colored background. There are other options, however, including "No Trespassing" or "Warning."
  • Photo/Graphic – It is also recommended that you have a graphic of a video camera or monitoring system that takes up a large amount of space on the sign – one that is easily recognizable (even if it doesn't match the actual look of the camera).
  • Surveillance in Use – Your NYC video surveillance sign should also let anyone nearby know that they are being watched. Most signs simply say "Surveillance in Use" or some variation, but you may also want to announce that it is active 24 hours a day.

Some signs also add a warning for trespassers. As for colors, it's important to make it clear that the sign is a warning. Black on white, red on white, or yellow and black on white are recommended, although other color combinations may still be effective. Check Complete Building Signs Catalog.

Since the surveillance sign will be outdoors in the NYC weather, it also helps to make sure the sign is printed on outdoor safe materials.

Order Your Surveillance Signs at Signs NY

If you need surveillance signs, or any building or HPD sign, please contact Signs NY today at (718) 453-8300. Our team has years of experience creating signs for properties across New York City, and we're confident we can make a sign that will work for you.

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