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If your business or organization has a vehicle that it uses for transportation or delivery, then you have an extra way to advertise. Businesses often don’t think to factor their vehicle into their advertising budget or outreach efforts, but with a magnetic vehicle sign, company vehicles are an ever-moving method of bringing in customers and branding your business, as your car or truck becomes a free mobile advertisement. Branded vehicles also communicate professionalism to customers, letting them know who you are and giving them confidence in your services. When they see your logo on your company vehicle, they’ll know that you’re serious about your business and pay attention to each detail.

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What Are Magnetic Vehicle Signs?

Magnetic Signs are printed directly onto magnetic material and displayed on vehicle’s metallic exterior. They have a relatively simple design and are an ideal sign for businesses both emerging and established for several reasons, such as:

Types of Magnetic Signs

Some of the vehicles we most commonly provide magnetic signs for include:

car door magnetic signs nyc


If your workplace has you drive your personal vehicle for work sometimes, or you own a business you want to promote while you’re on the clock, the temporary nature of magnetic vehicle signs is a significant plus. Since they’re removable and reusable, you can put them on and take them off according to your work schedule or personal preferences.

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You can make use of the back panels and larger doors and sides of your company’s van with a magnetic vehicle sign. Able to be custom sized and shaped, these signs are the best way to get potential customers’ attention while providing transportation or other services.

mta truck magnetic signs nyc


If your business must rent or borrow a truck for deliveries or some other purpose, magnetic vehicle signs are the best signs for the job. With no risk of damage to the vehicle and the ease of temporarily identifying it as working for your business, it’s hard to think of a better variety of vehicle sign.

If your vehicle has a metallic door, side, or back end, we can make a magnetic vehicle sign that fits, adheres, and looks great on it. Just let us know what kind of vehicle you’re planning on displaying it on, and we’ll make recommendations and custom fabrication plans.

Technical Specs

Most of our magnetic vehicle signs are differentiated by size. They’re mostly made of similar materials and have similar capabilities, but the size and contours of different kinds of vehicles necessitate different dimensions.

Sizes & Weight

Thickness & Color

Material Options

At Signs NYC we know how important such a momentous sign can be and how it not only needs to be custom designed with every aesthetic detail in mind but also in the most reasonable and budget-friendly way possible. That is why we provide a host of unique plaque designs — including casting and etching options — that will fit any occasion or budget. We have plaques in almost every size and material type including, but not limited to:

30 mil magnetic sheets nyc

30 Mil Magnetic

The 30 Mil magnetic material is long-lasting and it is simple to adhere to vehicles by placing them on a clean surface, and it is easy to remove and reapply.

45 mil magnetic sheets nyc

45 Mil Magnetic

The 45 MIL magnetic is a premium quality printed magnet sheet, it is long-lasting, sturdy, and flexible, with a magnetic face on one side and printable vinyl on the other.

adhesive back digital vinyl nyc

Self Adhesive

Self Adhesive magnetic material is ideal for attaching labels, signage, lettering, and decorations to both metal surfaces and non-metal surfaces.

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Benefits of Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Not only are our magnetic vehicle signs printed directly onto magnetic material, but they can also be printed with full color, high resolution text and images. This makes it easier for potential customers to see them even if you’re driving past them. It also makes a big impression through visual artistic appeal, making your business more noticeable and attractive. Custom shapes and sizes are a great part of this type of sign as well, given how many kinds of vehicles are out on the road today. Many orders are for rectangular or square signs, to fit on the vehicle door, but we’ve also provided magnetic signs in circular, trapezoidal, and other unusual shapes to better reflect the company who ordered it. No matter the shape, however, we recommend rounded corners, in order the reduce air drag and the chances of it coming off the car while driving.

Where Magnetic Signs Are Used?

Using customized vehicle graphics will promote your business and increase brand awareness. All over NYC a wide range of small and large scale firms use magnetic signs for business vehicles. At Signs NYC, we provide customized fleet graphics for the following vehicles:

food cart nyc

Food Cart

The ease of use and re-use of magnetic signs make them a popular choice for food carts for showcasing menus and food photos.

truck trailer nyc

Truck Trailers

Truck trailers commonly use high-quality magnetic signs to showcase the brand, products, and services on local roads and highways.

bus nyc


The attractive colors and flawless graphic finish of magnetic stickers make them a popular choice for displaying advertisements on buses.

construction van nyc

Construction Van

Construction vans highlight their professional services and contact information with highly visible magnetic signs in NYC.

box trucks nyc

Box Trucks

Businesses popularly use magnetic signs for box trucks to advertise company name, logo, and services on the side, rear, and even the roof.

commercial vehicles nyc

Commercial Vehicles

Custom magnetic stickers are most popularly used in NYC for all sorts of commercial vehicles for mobile advertising.

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All of these characteristics make magnetic vehicle signs the clear winner over other types of car signs for those seeking practical, more budget-friendly alternatives. You can order just one and swap it between your company and/or personal vehicles during deliveries or errands. You can order multiple signs with different designs to enhance your vehicle’s visibility. There lots of options with signs as low-cost and low-maintenance as magnetic vehicle signs.

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