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A business vehicle should be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and have a New York Department of Transportation (NY DOT) sign for it. This sort of sign informs other drivers about who you are and what you are doing so that they are aware of any safety measures they need to take when driving near you. Signs New York has the expertise to create DOT number signs that can be completely customized, are readable even from a distance of 50 feet and also comply with all the rules and regulations of the DOT.

dot number signs nyc

What Are DOT Number Signs?

DOT numbers are issued to vehicles that are registered with the FMCSA. They’re generally six or seven numbers long and are unique to your vehicle. This makes identification possible for safety audits, vehicle inspections, accident reports, compliance reviews, and other processes that involve paperwork. DOT number signs are most frequently seen on large commercial trucks like semis or tractor trailers, but vans and smaller vehicles can also make use of them. Many times, businesses choose to include their name, address, and/or phone number posted on their vehicle along with their DOT numbers. This can make it even easier to identify the vehicle, but also can serve as a form of advertisement. Along with a truck wrap or decal, it can contribute to your business’s efforts to reach out to potential customers at the same time as you’re transporting something.

What Kinds of DOT Number Signs We Offer?

There are three main kinds of NY DOT number signs, different according to how they adhere to a vehicle. They each have strengths that make them ideal for different kinds of purposes and vehicles. They include:

decal dot number signs


Vinyl decals are long-lasting, durable, and able to adhere to almost any surface. They generally last about seven years and have a strong adhesive backing that holds it to the vehicle without damaging the paint underneath.

truck magnetic dot number signs nyc


Magnetic signs are easy to apply and remove but adhere to vehicles securely. This kind of sign is a good choice if your vehicle requires different DOT signs according to who’s operating it.

custom sticker dot number signs


Stickers have a similar appearance to the decals and are highly affordable. They are not quite as long-lasting as decals, but they look great and are easy to apply quickly by yourself.

Before you order a temporary sign, make sure your state doesn’t require permanent NY DOT number signage. There are some that don’t allow magnetic or removable stickers to be used for DOT number signs. Also keep in mind that you will need at least two DOT signs, since it’s required in most places for one to be displayed on both sides of vehicles.

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What Features Do DOT Number Signs Have?

DOT number signs are available as permanent or removable, made of magnetic or vinyl material, and do not damage the vehicle’s paint if removed. They are fully customizable for whatever your needs are in terms of size, shape, design, and color. Because of the requirement that this type of sign be visible from at least 50 feet away, the primary concern is readability. This means that cursive or overly stylized fonts, text under two inches tall, colors that blend in too well with the vehicle’s paint, and other features that only have aesthetics in mind are not appropriate. The most common kind of DOT number sign we provide is black text in a sans-serif font. If your vehicle is black or your business suits another kind of font that’s still readable, we can provide other options as well. The size of your sign and the text in it is scalable according to the size of your vehicle. However, because of the visibility requirements, it will need to be a minimum of two or three inches, depending on your area’s specific regulations.

Why DOT Number Signs are Important?

The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that company vehicles have these signs if they’re involved in interstate commerce and:

These aren’t the only reasons a company vehicle would need a DOT sign, but they are the most common. The FMCSA’s specific requirements for company vehicles can vary from state to state, so it’s important to be aware of what rules in your area you should be following. Signs NYC can provide your business with the signage you need to stay compliant with FMCSA and DOT regulations in whatever format and style you need. We provide DOT signs in NYC, NJ, PA, and we can mail custom signs to anywhere in the United States. Contact us today to get started.

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Where DOT Number Sign Are Used?

The Department of Transportation advises commercial vehicles to display DOT numbers in visible fonts and colors under the law. For the fulfillment of this requirement, businesses all over NYC who use business vehicles for advertising display DOT number signs. At Signs NYC, we have created custom vinyl lettering for the following vehicles:

food cart nyc

Food Cart

DOT number signs are displayed on food carts matching with the custom print and design displayed for advertisement on the cart.

truck trailer nyc

Truck Trailers

A truck trailer that moves inter-city for businesses commonly displays DOT numbers in a font and size that is visible even from a distance.

bus nyc


The local buses in NYC display their registration numbers and other required information with vinyl lettering on prominent parts.

construction van nyc

Construction Van

Construction vans use vinyl lettering to display the contractors’ information and all required DOT signs mandated by the law.

box trucks nyc

Box Trucks

Businesses popularly use vinyl lettering for box trucks to display the required DOT signs and advertise company names, logos, and services.

commercial vehicles nyc

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles in NYC popularly use Vinyl lettering because they are mandated by the law to display DOT number signs in an easy-to-read font and visible size.

Contact Us Today For Custom Dot Number Signs

To order a DOT number sign, you first must get a DOT number. You can do that on the FMCSA website, where you register online via the Unified Registration System. During the registration process, you provide the FMCSA with information about what you use the vehicle you’ll apply the DOT number sign to for, who will be operating it, what your business is, and more. Once you register and receive your number, send it to us and we can begin the designing and fabrication process according to your custom needs.

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