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Setting up Storefront with Custom Channel Letter Signs

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Every store is its own landmark. As more and more people use your business, they’ll start to recognize where you’re located and recognize you when they see your building. But that association takes time. In the beginning, it’s important to make sure you have some type of signage that shows people who you are and where you’re located – ideally in a way that is easily visible, so that those looking for you can find you. For that, the best type of sign (especially in NYC) is a channel letter sign.

What Are Channel Letters?

Channel letters are large, custom acrylic lettering that spell out the name of your business or services. They are placed right at the top of your storefront, and use an acrylic face and LED illumination to make your location easily viewable from a distance day or night.

custom acrylic channel lettering brooklyn


Most successful businesses use some type of channel letters. Every Starbucks, for example, has channel letters at the front of their business that says:

starbucks coffee channel letters nyc
Every letter is designed in their own unique typeface, and at night the letters are lit so that they can be viewed from a distance by anyone driving by.

Benefits of Channel Letters

Channel letters are easily one of the most important signs you can have on your property. They have several critical benefits, including:

Visibility from Far Away

Most other signs are only visible when you’re close to the location, and sometimes only from an angle. Using the Starbucks example above, some Starbucks Coffee shops also have a hanging light box sign that has their logo. But that logo is only visible by those nearby and those walking by. The further away you are, the harder it is to see. Channel letters are large, easily visible, and tell people exactly what you are even if they don’t recognize the logo.

Visibility at Night

Similarly, channel letters are one of the only signs that not only lights up at night, but does so in a way that is still very easy to read. The contracts of the lighted letters against the night sky makes it very easy to read the name of the business or the content of the signs, which captures people’s attention even in the dark.


Channel letters are also great for branding. Before the visitor associates your business with the property, they will first associate you with the channel letters, which can be made into custom typefaces that become recognizable as your specific business.

Cost Effective

Channel letters are also highly affordable. Not only do they cost very little to purchase, but they are also easier to maintain Channel letter repair is easier than other types of custom signs (for example, neon signs) and the energy they use is much less as well.

These are only some of the many benefits of channel letters on your property, and many of the main reasons that it is so important to consider using these types of lettered signs any time you’re creating a sign that you want to use to get your business noticed.

Call Signs NYC Today for More About Channel Letters

If you’re interested in learning more about channel letters, or you’d like to talk to us about the costs of an order, call Signs NYC today. We’re the leading sign fabrication specialist in NYC, based in Brooklyn, and able to create custom NYC channel letter signs for all different types of businesses. If you don’t yet have channel letters, now may be the time to order them.

For more information please contact Signs NYC to get a free quote.

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