Spark Up Your Dull Office Walls with Colorful Wall Murals

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Spark Up Your Dull Office Walls with Colorful Wall Murals Tags: wall murals, wall wraps nyc, office wall signs nyc, NYC wall graphics,

Every office needs to be a little different. For everything from the customer experience to employee satisfaction, it’s important that your business is not simply cubicles, white walls, and people working in silence. You have to have a brand, a feeling – something that makes you feel like you’re a great place to work, and helps those that step foot on your property recognize that you have character.

Decorating Walls with Office Wall Wraps and Inspirational Wall Décor

Whether you own your office building or not, there are ways to add color and personality to your building without paint and without any permanent marks on the property. At Signs NY, we frequently create things like wall murals in NYC, including custom vinyl banners and decals of all shapes and sizes.

These New York City office wall decorations have several advantages over other forms of art and design:

·        They Are Removable
       – Made with customized vinyl, these office wall wraps can be placed on and off with ease. If you do not own your property (or you simply do not want damage it too severely), these types of removable office decorations require no glue, no paint, and no holes.

·        They Are Easily Customizable
       – Each wall wrap can be printed in full, vibrant custom color, with logos, full-color designs and displays, any typeface you want, and so much more. You can simply decorate your mall with a small decal, or create a large, unique colorful wall mural that spans the length of your property.

·        They Are Affordable   
       – Each colorful wall wrap is surprisingly affordable, especially given the size prints that can be completed. At Signs NY, we offer some of the most affordable prices without sacrificing quality, to ensure that you have the wall decoration you need.


Custom wall murals are an important part of branding with customers. If someone visits your property, these murals and designs show that there is something different about you, and it helps create a memory that will help brand you in their business.

For employees, it also makes going to work less dull. Color gives your workplace a less “drab” feeling, and while it plays only a small role in employee satisfaction, it is also a very important one for showing employees that you’re more than a typical workplace. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can put up inspirational wall décor that helps your employees feel motivated in the workplace.

Contact Signs NY Today

If you are interested in learning more about the custom vinyl banners and wall murals in NYC, contact Signs NY today. Our expert service, competitive pricing, and commitment to the satisfaction of each of our clients is what makes us the leading choice for wall decorations in offices across Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, and throughout much of NY and NJ. Call us today to find out more, or to get information on some of our pricing and a quote for our services. 

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