What You Need To Know About HPD Required Property Management Signs?

hpd property management signs new york city

The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development, also known as HPD, is the division of city government tasked with maintaining NYC’s affordable housing stock. With the cost of living so high throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island the HPD helps to ensure that the average family can still have an affordable place to live in the city.

Property owners of residential buildings are required by law to register each year with HPD if the property is a multiple dwelling with three or more units or a private dwelling of one to two units where neither the owner nor the owner’s immediate family members live.

Signs for HPD Buildings

Residences that have registered as HPD buildings are also expected to have specific signage that is mandatory for all multi-dwelling properties in New York City. These signs, known as HPD signs, must be displayed in appropriate locations according to the Housing Maintenance Code.

Anyone that has registered their building as an HPD property will need to order one of these HPD signs in order to remain up to code.

Types of HPD Signs

There are many different types of HPD signs. Some of these signs include:

Video Surveillance Signs  – In multi-unit HPD buildings, it is required that you post 24-hour surveillance warning signs in an area that is easy to view on the exterior of the building.


Boiler Room Signs  – On the boiler room door and near the entrance of the property, you must place information about who has the keys to the boiler room, along with contact info

boiler spec signs nyc

Building Management Signs – There are many different types of DOB required building management signs, including janitor info, exit signs, and much more.


Fire Safety Signs – Fire safety signs are required by both the DOB and the fire department. Depending on the building, there may be more than one type of fire sign.

alarm control panel fire safety sign

Floor Number Signs – According to the HPD, floor numbers must be properly labelled in multi-residency housing properties.


Regulatory Signs – There are specific regulatory signs required by HPD that need to be correctly placed in specific areas of the property.


HPD Building Signs – From certificates of inspection to other forms of DOB signs, you may find yourself needing a variety of custom prints for your building.


You can order any of these HPD signs by contacting Signs NYC today requesting a quote using the button at the top right corner. See our HPD Building Signs Catalog.

Where to Put HPD Signs and Papers

Once you’ve received your sign, you’ll need to make sure each one is put in the right location. You can explore those locations by reviewing the Housing Maintenance Code, or you can find the correct location by reviewing the information below:

  1. Floor Signs – Every floor needs to have a floor sign, with each floor appropriately numbered.
  2. Certificate of Inspection – Any certificate of inspection should be near the mailbox.
  3. Boiler Room – The boiler room signs should be in the lobby and on the boiler room door.
  4. Fire Safety Sign -Any fire safety signs should be easily visible near the mailbox or entrance.
  5. Janitor Sign– The superintendent’s information should be at the entrance.
  6. Smoke Detector Sign – The smoke detector HPD sign should be near the mailbox.
  7. DOB Signs – The serial number sign should be at the entrance of the building.

If you have any questions about these signs and others, don’t hesitate to contact Signs NYC or the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development for more guidance on the types of signs required — and where to place them on your property.

How to Order HPD Signs?

At Signs NYC, it’s always easy to order the HPD signs that you need. Feel free to contact us anytime for a quote or just a question. We are the industry leaders in creating customized signage for your property, made of materials that are both NYC HPD compliant and built to last.

For more information about these HPD signs, or any of the signs that we can create for your business or building, don’t hesitate to contact Signs NYC today.


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