Office Door Signs – Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Signage

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Navigating a building can be difficult, even for those familiar with the property. That is why office door signs for businesses are so important. Every office door should have some type of sign. The bigger the building, the more these personalized door signs for offices become a critical tool in helping both customers and employees know where to go, and who the office belongs to. Here at Sign Company NYC, we create all types of professional door signs for office use, with a wide array of different signs available that we can develop, and a team that is always here to answers any questions you may have.

We’ve created the ultimate guide to choosing the right signage. This guide will talk about all that is available, and what you can consider when you decide you’re ready to buy your office signs. Keep in mind, however, that a full service sign company like Signs NYC has very few limitations, which you’ll see soon. We can create everything from magnetic door signs for offices to large office door signs with logos to something more unique and interesting. So, it’s not always what’s available that matters. What matters is your imagination.

What are Office Door Signs?

With that in mind, the number of custom door signs available is simply substantial. You’ve likely been to many office buildings in the past and seen how many can be created. Some are something simple – like a room number or push & pull door signs, nothing more. Others are practically a work of art, with modern design elements or full color. The term “door sign” encompasses any type of sign on or near a door that helps manage the flow of people inside of the office building, and makes clear who and what each office is for. That is why conference rooms door signs and supply office door signs are linked directly with other types of signs, like modern curved door signs or nameplates.

custom office door sign maker new york city

Some companies use raised logo designs, especially for their main office door signs, others just use door labels for offices. There are many standard signs available – such as aluminum door signs that have numbers carved out of them – but custom office signs are also very popular. That’s because each sign is, in many ways, an extension of your brand. It shows people your personality, who you are, and why they should consider being your customer or working for you. That is why you may want to consider a custom door sign instead – one that matches your brand and vibe.

Types of Door Signs

We’ve already mentioned some of these, but it is worth repeating. There are many different signs that go on office doors that you may want to consider. For example:

1. Office Name Signs/Office Door Plaques

These provide a name for those that work in that office, so that everyone knows whose office it is.

office name plaque signs new york

2. Ingress/Egress Signs

Signs like “push/pull” or “Emergency Exit” are examples of signs that help manage the flow of the property. In some cases, it may be a safety issue, like labelling electric room door signs.

ingress egress signs new york

3. Company Signs

Logo office signs are also important, especially if you are in a building with other companies. At Signs NYC, we can also make vinyl signs for those that want something easy to remove. Each of these signs can be made standard, of course, but many companies opt for their own special twist, like engraved office door signs. With so many different styles and materials, you can go for a modern, temporary, classic – or, of course, any other custom look that appeals to you.

company office signs new york city

Material Options for Door Signs:

So we know that there are many different types of office door signs. But what about materials? The truth is that almost any material can be made into an office door sign. For example:

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Vinyl
  • Hybrid Materials
  • Paper

You can also turn wood into a door sign if you are feeling clever. Many people also like brass office wall name plates, along with aluminum. These provide only a small fraction of the materials that are available. The only signs that tend to not be turned into office signs are lighted signs, and even that may change someday.

How to Choose Right Size?

Depending on what is on the sign, there are many size options for your office door. We often recommend avoiding any signs that are too small. They may be difficult to notice, and the font/typeface on them may be too little to read. At the same time, doors have size limitations, and the best office signs aren’t distracting – they are complementary.

custom office door signs size options

Office entrance signs need to be inviting, but they also need to be a part of the door, not simply decoration. Keep this in mind when you choose sizes. You can have something like office number signs that are only about 2” by 3”, and custom name plate signs can be as small as 2” x 6”, but once you start getting into office entrance signs, you may want to choose something a bit bigger that still doesn’t distract from the entrance itself.

Our Custom Office Signage Solutions

What about design options? Full service sign companies like Signs NYC are able to create custom office signs in nearly unlimited shapes and colors. We’ve made personalized door plaques (although there are many standard name plaques for doors as well), sliding door signs, office door signs with braille for those looking to meet ADA standards, and more.

custom office door signage solutions new york city

You can customize based on:

  • Color– There are numerous color options for door signs. Metal comes in silver, gold, bronze, copper, brass, and of course can be pained or colored as needed.
  • Shapes– There are very few limitations on shapes as well. Custom shapes are easy to create, and although rectangular and square remain common, they are not the only option.
  • Ink/Raise/Embossed/Cut– Similarly, it’s possible to create signs that use ink color, we can create raised and 3D signs, we can create embossed signs or cut signs – in theory, we could create hand-painted wooden signs too, but that’s not a frequent request.

Of course, we know that if you’re reading this office door signs guide, chances are you need help deciding on the sign or designing it. We have good news there as well, as our trained graphic designers can easily assist you. We’ll go through many of the standard and custom options available, and can provide you with inspiration or a pre-made design for consideration. If you are interested in learning more about these door signs, contact Signs NYC today.

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