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What are the Best Tips to Highlight Your Business in Events?

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There are so many ways to reach potential customers. There is internet marketing. There are TV and Newspaper advertisements. There is word of mouth. But one of the most effective is attending trade shows, weddings, new product launch, seminars and conventions, and using a booth to try to attract those that may be interested in your products and services.

Banner Stands – Your Secret Weapon in Event & Trade Shows

The reason that event stands are so useful is because everyone that attends the event is in your target audience. All of the people you’re trying to brand yourself to are standing there in the same room. Yet their presence at the event is only as useful as your ability to get their attention, and that is why it is important to try to find a way to make people notice your exhibit at your trade show.

How Banner Stands Help to Get Noticed?

There are several strategies that companies use to attract attention at trade shows and events. The following are some tips to make sure that you’re able to successfully get people to visit your booth or setup:

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Have An Interaction

Some type of interactive event or experience is a great way to get people to see your booth. Some people use athletic activities, like throwing a basketball in a hoop. Others use games of chance, like a roulette table or lottery. It’s not too important what you use. The trick is to make sure that you give them some reason to come up to you.

Create Quality Event Banner Stands

Part of the problem with booths is that they are often all stuck together, and those walking by are trying to navigate the crowd and not always able to see what people have to offer or are offering. This is where retractable banner stands come in. Trade show banner stands are a type of sign that can be placed in the walkway, using full color designs and impressive information to help your business get noticed.

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These vinyl banner signs have many advantages. In addition to capturing the eye, the signs also make it possible for someone to easily review your business before walking over, which is useful for those that are too shy to go up to a table and be sold on a product before knowing what it is. It helps prime people to what you have to offer, so that they come to you already interested rather than unclear of your products or services.


Perhaps one of the most common ways to attract attention at a trade show booth is with some type of giveaway, often referred to as “trade show swag.” There’s a downside to swag – people sometimes go to your booth for the free stuff, and completely ignore anything you have to offer. But the upside is that your booth becomes popular, which attracts attention. If the giveaway you have also has your logo in some way, it becomes an impressive branding tool for prospective clients.

Be Different

Of course, one of the greatest strategies is to “dare to be different.” Do something unique that makes you stand out from all of the other exhibitions there. Something as simple as a custom neon light can be enough to help people see your services over others.

Contact Signs NYC Today for NYC Sign Services

If you’re in need of custom banner stands for your trade show – or even custom neon sign services – let Signs NYC help. Our team of experts can print any type of sign, and make sure that you have what you need to get noticed at your event. For more details leave a quote

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