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How to use Wall Decals to Deliver your Message to Customers

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Once in a while, you must have stopped by a store while walking down a lane just because of how beautiful and inviting its storefront looked. The credit here goes to the professionally designed wall decals that entice a customer. As the competition is at an all-time high, business owners are trying various ways to attract visitors and make them have a look inside their store. Especially in New York City which receives one of the highest footfalls, people are using desirable decals to make their store look unique and attractive in front of others.

Utilizing beautiful-looking storefront wall decals is one of the effective ways to gain an edge over the competitors. These are used by the majority to promote new offers, products or convey any other messages. Some people have a misconception that decals can only be used inside the store or office to give the place a modern look and feel. In reality, anyone can use them wherever they want, as long as the location is strategic and the right signage has been chosen for the place.

Keep on reading this article till the end to know more about decals and how these are used for storefronts.

What are Wall Decals?

Wall decals are straightforward graphics that are used to convey messages that align with the brand. They consist of various separate parts like patterns, letters, etc., and can be easily transferred to any surface with the exact same design, spacing, and other details. You will generally find them made of vinyl, but the ones made using other materials are also available in the market.

storefront vinyl wall decals new york


Usually, these are available in varied designs, sizes, shapes, and styles. Therefore, finding an ideal one for your brand messaging won’t be challenging. You can also place a request for a custom decal to be placed at your storefront. However, it’s important to follow some basic steps while decorating your store using this signage to yield the best result.

Ways to Decorate Your Storefront with Stunning Wall Decals

There are specific ways to use these wall decals for storefronts to maximize the traffic. Though business owners can come up with their own unique ideas, we’ve listed down some really cool options for your quick reference. Let’s take a look at the following ways below,

1. Use Decals Featuring Gold & Metallic Lettering

A current trend emerging in the decal space is the growing use of gold and metallic lettering. Gold and metallic lettering exude elegance and look particularly good on the storefronts such as jewelry stores, antique shops, gold depots, and other similar stores. If you want to make a quick, lasting impression on people passing by, put up these letter decals featuring a stunning metallic display design.

gold and metallic wall decal lettering nyc

If you can get 3D letters on for the eye-catchy three-dimensional look, you can be confident of attracting more attention from people. Also, if your store has a window facing the lane, try to get the 3D letters printed on the clear window glass so that passersby can also see the products on offer at your store.

2. Put up Oversized Wall Decals at Your Storefront

While some may argue that large wall decals are distracting and they don’t work well, the truth is they do work if used in a correct way. For example, if you own a small shop, you should avoid this oversized option because it will look clumsy. However, if you own a large space, and your commercial establishment is two-story or even more, big decals will be just perfect for your storefront.

large storefront wall decals nyc


Ensure only a simple letter design is used to make this oversized option work for your business. Especially, if your stores are located in metropolitan areas, you should put up some beautifully created oversized decals featuring the brand’s logo and tagline. It will help them stand out from the other stores located nearby.

3. Keep it Simple Yet Elegant

If you offer any other professional services, your establishment’s entrance should have a simple yet classy decal installed to direct people to your workplace. Wall decals featuring simple designs are also ideal for high-end jewelry dealers and other professionals who prefer to present their brand as a sophisticated one. In addition, to make your storefront look sophisticated, ensure it has a clean, crisp, and neat design.

professional wall decals manufacturer nyc

The message should be well-worded and legible. If you want to give it a slightly better look, ask the wall decal manufacturer in new york to create letters with a subdued metallic appearance. If you want to add in a little description of what your business offers, consider putting your brand name in arch style. You can also consider applying variations in the alignment of the lettering if it enhances the appearance of the signage.

4. Add Colors to the Display Decals

The type of wall decals to be placed at the storefront should be decided based on the nature of the business. For example, if you offer high-end products or professional services, you should install display decals featuring a sophisticated look. However, if your business sells toys, fashion jewelry, etc., you should choose a decal that features a lot of colors and exudes vibrancy.

colorful display wall decals nyc

Let’s say you own a toy store in a busy lane. Now to attract attention from target customers, you should install a big display decal at the storefront that includes fun graphics, elements, and colors. You can also feature popular cartoon characters to attract children. Don’t forget to get a witty tagline attached to the decal that aligns well with your brand.

Customize Your Decals With Signs NYC

You can also choose to install custom decals at the storefronts that highlight your store’s working hours, a glimpse of what the business offers, brand logo & tagline, etc. Some special custom decals can also be created to announce and gather attention to the new launches. The beauty of this signage is that there is no one way to use it. If you’re creative enough, you can come up with unique ways of incorporating decals into your storefront for maximum footfalls.

If you’re looking for more inspiration around ways to use decals at your storefront, you can ask our experts to suggest personalized ideas based on the nature and place of your business. To know more, consult us now!

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