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Why Compliance Signs are Required for Buildings and Offices?

nyc compliance safety signs

Within the world of HPD and business signs, there are many different types of displays that you may want to place on your property. There are “No Parking” signs that show people where to park. There are floor number signs that show people where to walk. There are door name signs that show people which home or office they are about to enter.

But while many different signs are optional, some signs are absolutely required – not just to comply with the law, but also to make sure that in the event of an emergency, the people that are both in your property and headed to your property are able to keep themselves safe.

What are Required Building Compliance Signs?

In order to stay up to date with HPD guidelines, you may have to install some different types of signs on your property. These are the types of signs that are absolutely necessary for safety and security, and they are required by law by the New York City DOB. These required safety signs include:

Fire Safety Notices and Plans

Critical for tenant safety,fire safety signs need to be placed by the door in an easy-to-read area to make sure that everyone knows the fire safety guidelines outlined by the DOB and the building itself. There should also be a clear building fire safety plan that tenants can view to know where to go in the event of a fire.
alarm control panel fire safety sign<

Boiler Room Signs

Part of keeping people safe means correctly labeling each room and those that have access to it. One example with HPD signs is the boiler room sign. You must notify people where the boiler room is, along with any other OHSA danger signs as well as a sign that shares who has access to the room.

boiler room door sign maker nyc

Superintendent Contact Information

Being safe also means knowing who to contact and when – as well as making sure that any emergency personnel can find the person with all the keys. That’s why it is required that you have superintendent’s contact information listed somewhere near the door for the safety of everyone inside of the building.


There are also many different types of danger signs that are required if there is a reason to believe that the tenant would be in danger if they did not follow the rules. For example, a “Danger – Roof Access” sign may be needed if there is access to your roof. If you have a gas meter, then you may need a Danger sign that notifies people not to light flames.

These are all examples of compliant safety signs you may need.

Optional Building Safety Signs

<p">Of course, the above list only refers to the signs that are required by your property. There are some signs that may be optional or only loosely necessary but still a smart idea to make sure that anyone that is on or near your property knows where to go in the event of an emergency.

These include:

Surveillance Signs

In some cases, video surveillance signs are actually required by the HPD, especially if you have cameras set up on your property. But no matter if they are required for your building or not, it is advantageous to consider adding one to your property. These signs act as a deterrent to crime, which in turn helps protect those inside the building.

area is under surveillance sign


No Smoking Signs

Smoking on an old property is bad for your health, the health of neighbors, and the risk of a fire starting (if the property is made of flammable material). It is a good idea to prohibit smoking on the property when allowed to and to make note of that with a no-smoking sign for anyone that comes by.

construction site no smoking sign nyc


Exit Signs and Information

Pointing people to the emergency exits, letting them know to always keep the emergency exit door closed, helping them find their way to safety in an emergency – all of these are examples of helpful signage tools that keep people on your property safe.

emergency exit only alarm sound notification signs


Of course, these are only some of the many different signs that are optionally available for those interested in protecting their property. There may be many other signs, some of which are related to HPD and some of which are not, that are useful for making sure that the property is kept out of harms’ way.

Contact Signs New York Today for Your Custom Safety Signs

Whether you need signs that are compliant with HPD laws and policies, or you simply need a sign that is capable of protecting a property and its tenants, it is always a good idea to partner with a company that has years of experience working within the HPD rules and regulations.

We are New York Signs Company, where our experience and full service sign capabilities mean that we able to create any type of sign you may need, with special experience with the HPD signs that building owners require. If you are interested in these NYC compliance safety signs, or any type of custom signage, be sure and contact Signs NYC today .

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