Why Use Channel Letters Signs for Your Storefront?

When owning a business in highly populated areas such as New York you want your business signs to stand out. Garnering the attention of those passing by is vital to the growth of your business and sales. Getting the attention of potential customers is an easy task with channel letters used for business signage.

What are Backlit Channel Letters?

Backlit channel letters are a great way to get the attention of customers 24 hours a day. With vibrant colors and designs the channel letter signs shine brightly advertising your business to possibly millions of people at a time.

Channel letters are three-dimensional and can be made out of plastic or metal. Most often, sheet metal is used to construct the ‘channel’ (back) of the individual letters. Once the letter is formed it can then be painted and fitted with the proper lighting.

backlit channel letters new york city

Backlit channel letters are most often lit with light-emitting diode (LED) or neon gas tubes. Once the lighting is put in the front of the backlit sign is then closed using clear plastic that is about 3/16″. This clear plastic fronting protects the lighting fixtures from the weather and also keeps birds from building nests in the backlit channel letters.

Why Channel Letters are Best Investment for Storefronts?

If you have driven through a busy city a night you know how backlit channel letters can grab attention. These are the signs that successful business owners have do the advertising. Inexpensive to run and super bold attention-grabbing letters is one of the best universal ways to help gain popularity and customers. Being one step ahead of your competition is the name of the game and channel letters keep you out in front of the pack.

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Our Illuminated Channel Letters Signs Services

Signs NYC has a full team of expert sign makers. These sign makers are great at what they do and each department works with you to get the exact channel letters that you want for your business. Everyone has different tastes in how they want to advertise their business names and Signs NYC appreciates individuality.

  • Graphic Artists: With graphic artists on the Signs NYC team, you are not stuck trying to come up with design ideas. Our graphic artists will work one-on-one with business owners to be sure that they get the design they are happy with.
  • Manufacturers: This is the team that actually constructs or makes your channel letters after the design is in place. Only the highest grade materials are used so that your backlit channel letters will last for years to come.
  • Installers: The team that will transport your channel letters and install them
  • Repair Team: Our repair team responds fast to all sign repairs even if Signs NYC is not the original manufacturer of the sign that needs repair.

Channel Letters from Signs New York

Whether you want your custom made channel letters the size of a billboard or the size of a small picture frame, Signs NYC will accommodate your wishes. Being the business owner and having a vision is nothing less than exciting. Signs NYC will assist you in taking your sign project from the idea stage right through to the installation of your custom made channel letters.

For more information be sure to contact Signs New York by filling our online quote form.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that proper illumination is essential when it comes to certain kinds of storefronts. I’d like to know more about commercial storefront door repair services soon because I want to be able to properly maintain my own pawn shop when I open one someday. A flashy storefront will surely help in making the place a lot more identifiable.

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