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What is a difference between Step & Repeat and Backdrop?

difference between backdrop and step and repeat banner

Backdrop Banners and Step and Repeat Banners are both go-to showpieces when creating a photo-friendly presentation at a wide variety of events. In this blog, we’re going to dispel some common myths and misconceptions about these terms that get bandied about so much. We will show how savvy businessperson can easily promote their next big event.


difference between backdrop and step and repeat banner

Backdrop Banners

banner backdrop for photography

As the name suggests, Backdrop banners are great for creating the perfect backdrop. They are often used for special occasions or photography shoots. That portable banner stand that the school photographer sets up is an example of a backdrop.

While often used interchangeably with Step and repeat, backdrop banners are a name for the larger signs category.


Advantages of Backdrop Banners

what is backdrop


  • Centerpiece/ attention-getter for event planners or party organizers
  • Offers reliable portrait lighting, whether in the photography studio or in the field
  • Interchangeable for different types of occasions or settings (glamour shots versus DMV photos)

As we stated earlier, these banners provide the perfect backdrop to any event, photoshoot or booth. These products are everywhere you look.

Other uses for Backdrop Banners:

uses of branded backdrop


  • Home media businesses
  • Broadcasting (from personal vlogs to professional media productions)
  • Cultural events such as plays, local fairs, religious festivals, arthouse movie theaters, and gallery openings

Step and Repeat Banners

logo step and repeat banner brown


On the other hand, Step and Repeats are a specialized type of backdrop banner that produces a dramatic, immediately recognizable look. One that washes over you and reminds you of important functions, celebrity actors, world-famous music artists, and athletes.

  • High-End Backdrop – step and repeat banners are a type of high-end, upper-echelon backdrop that “catches and impresses,” — meaning it catches the eye and creates an impressive view at first sight.
  • Utilized for Mass Media – Step and Repeat banners are utilized by the biggest name in business, media, and even government at press conferences and public functions.
  • Instant Prestige – they help to create an air of authority for your event — and by extension, your brand. Want instant prestige? Just add cameras.
  • Photogenic – these graphics are made for still shots and are cinegenic for a more dynamic, video-friendly presentation.
  • Red Carpet Appeal “step by step”– whether you are an actual A-lister or an aspiring one, step and repeats will bring you one step closer to the kind of clout, influence, and notoriety that this kind of sign signals.

Additional Benefits of Step and Repeat Banners for Businesses

  • Relatively inexpensive – most banners pay for themselves on the first use.
  • Easy to Create – when partnered with the right designer, he or she can use your existing logo and proprietary artwork or create an impressive new look.
  • Portable – Most Step and Repeat Banners can be effortlessly rolled up and taken anywhere. This makes sense for any business that involves traveling to clients.
  • Print (and install) in a Cinch – Step and Repeat Banners are easy and (dare we say it) even fun to design. And the same goes for printing and installation. Just make sure your graphics company knows what they are doing…

When considering a new Backdrop Banner — whether it’s a Step and Repeat or not — it is vitally important to choose the right sign shop. The experts recommend looking for a proven, time-tested, experienced local designer-printer-installer. This type of graphics shop will be able to collaborate with you and control the quality of the entire process.

Signs NYC is a seasoned, full-service graphics shop located in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. Our experience has brought countless local — as well as regional, national and global brands — success in one of the country’s largest, most competitive markets.

Why are step and repeat banners designed this way?

why is it called a step and repeat banner

One of the main objectives fulfilled by step and repeat is getting your brand in the camera shot. This is best illustrated by the so-called “rule of thirds”.

The Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds states that a photo composition should be divided into three horizontal and three vertical lines, creating nine boxes. The lines dividing these nine boxes from each other are known as gridlines. By placing key elements of a photo along the gridlines, you highlight its subjects and most dynamic, interesting components.

The Step and Repeat Strategy

black step and repeat logo backdrop

A step and repeat banner will help to ensure those media cameras are always getting your full logo in the frame. By repeating your logo again and again, this design allows your brand to peak out over people’s shoulders or from behind a speaker’s podium.

They also help to keep your logo, and other unique identifiers can be found on or near those gridlines we were just talking about. By concentrating your brand along these crucial composition points, a Step and Repeat maximizes your business’s exposure and solidifies its reputation, helping to make you a household name.

Do Things Right the First Time

This is one of the greatest, most time and money-saving measures that can be taken by a business, property, or organization undertaking any project. By doing things correctly the first time, you avoid unnecessary hassles. As most businesses know, the way to do this is to avoid middlemen by directly recruiting the best talent — whether employees or contractors —. That’s why we take that philosophy to heart here at Signs NYC.

It is essential that every business owner in the New York City area — including New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester, and Connecticut — take advantage of the sign design talent to be had.

The Signs NYC Difference

A local, reputable sign shop will immediately know what works and doesn’t. When it comes to attractive, properly executed banner graphics, look no further. The Signs NYC pros have you covered wherever you are in the Tri-State Area.


In this blog we’ve defined both Step and Repeats, as well as the more general umbrella term or category is known as Background Banners. We’ve examined the differences between these two terms and highlighted many of the specific advantages of Step and Repeat Banners. We’ve even touched on some of the reasons behind the unique Step and Repeat design, such as the rule of thirds. One of the most important things to remember is that a sign is only as good as its designer, printer, and installer.

To learn more about Backdrops, Step and Repeats, and a host of other commercial graphics, feel free to contact Signs NYC by emailing sales(at) — or go ahead and get started now by requesting a free quote anytime.

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