Neon Signs Q & A

The neon signs were first invented in 1675. Neon lighting quickly gained a popularity as a  fixture in outdoor advertising because of its glow.  The neon signs are more Visible even in daylight, people would stop and stare at the first neon signs.

Neon signs offer more visibility due to its instant other lit sign can gather much attention as compared to the neon sign. Neon sign comes up with brightness and catches more attention of viewers.

The current bombard the inert gas atoms with electrons pulling neon's gas atoms out of their orbits in their relevant shell. The electrons of gas collide with other free electrons. then these free electrons are absorbed into the relevant atom, energy is thrown off as fluorescent light.

Neon gas is an inert gas that is very neat sort of gas that we breathe every day.this fluorescent neon gas is not dangerous for our environment. the neon gas and neon signs are totally safe for our lives and as well as our surroundings.

The average life span of neon signs is up to 15 years. You can illuminate it 24/7 time without any pause, these signs are durable enough to advert your business.

The neon signs are designed for instant attention grabbing and commonly used for indoor advertisement to extend its overall all life span. The neon sign face interference with radio infrared signal so always place them away from this type of signal to increase the average lifespan of neon signs.

The neon signs usually operated at a 20kHz radio frequency. A high pitched tone is quite normal.

 For cleaning of neon signs Be sure to unplug your power switch.   Always use smooth linen cloth to dust off the neon sign. Never use a cleaning solvent or moisture cloth to clean, it will damage the circuit neon sign.

As a general rule, actual letters will be legible up to 38 feet away for each inch of the letter. Red neon letters are most readable for viewers and known for its popularity in open signs.  Purples and yellows are least legible to the audience and are usually recommended with borders. Black backings will also enhance the visibility and legibility of your neon sign.

The transformer is included with the neon sign such that you simply hang your neon sign up and plug it in to empower it. usually, the transformer will last up to  5 - 7 years. Some will fuse earlier, and other may last up to 10-15 years. Mostly the things that affect transformer life are heat and fluctuation of electricity and spark.

With you, neon sign order you can request us dimmable transformer. These dimmer transformers have a  built-in knob next switch which allows you to adjust the brightness of the neon sign.

You may order us neon sign with a flashing transformer, which allows you to on it all the time or has it flash when you want it. It also allows you to adjust the speed of flashing.  If you have a larger sign with multiple transformers you will have to purchase another transformer to do this.

Neon signs are extremely beneficial for advertisement. These signs tend to look bright and vibrant because all energy is pushed on a small wavelength band of light. On average a neon open sign require less power than a 75 watts light bulb.  An average neon sign requires only 20 cents per day if you keep it on 24/7 time.

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