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Standard Type Styles for Signage and Graphics by Signs NY

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When it comes to design banner and graphics, there are multiple things that should keep in mind, but foremost important is that the best-suited font for the viewers. With only about three to five seconds to grab a person’s attention when the graphic poster or banner comes in contact.  selecting a font that carries your message across quickly is essential for the graphic and banner to be effective with increasing readability. If the viewers find it difficult to read then the profitability also decline on the way of, Although there are thousands of different styles to choose from always select the one font that is appropriate to the graphic content. The font choice is endless, but there are a few that are preferred more than others.

Here is worth mentioning those fonts that are favored by the graphic experts


Without any doubt, we can claim that ‘Helvetica’ is the most triggered font that is used in the banner advertisement due to its higher legibility.


It’s the most usual font used in the poster of movies and other graphic content of religious debate or any stuff related to the serious activity.

Arial Black

As one of the most common fonts to use on a banner and posters, this font is great because it’s plain and offer much readability for viewers. However, if you are willing to adjust a lot of words or letters in a smaller banner then this font is not appropriate.


This font offers black lettering, for this, you can make your banner more compact to squeeze information on it.

Times New Roman

When you are willing to add brief or short phrases on the banner then this font will work for you to enhance legibility.


As this font is much preferred for making headings, on top of that its only available in uppercase so can be used for dragging attention.

Other Fonts Used by SignsNY

  • Consort Condensed
  • Cooper Black
  • Commercial Script
  • American Bold
  • Antique Olive Medium
  • Avant Extra Bold
  • Barnum Classic
  • Bauhaus
  • Futura
  • Futura Condensed
  • Garamond Book
  • Garamond italic
  • Garamond Regular
  • Benguit
  • Friz Quadrata


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Their sales team and installation crew worked with us very closely for a last minute exhibit at the United Nations, and their product completely exceeded our expectations, not to mention that they were able to print more affordably and faster than competing vendors. The installation team was also very flexible with the demanding schedule allotted to set up our large-scale wall wraps and floor decal. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for beautiful prints done at a professional manner.


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Steven Holloway
5 out of 5


Great service and helped turn around a last minute job super quick!!! Thank you for all you help we really appreciate it! The quality of the job was perfect.


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Blushing Confetti
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Our signs were produced in a tight turn around time and were printed beautifully. Thank you for your professionalism and efficiency!


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Jenna Loftus
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