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Signs NY has been in the sign business for over 30 years. We specialize in signs and banners of all shapes and sizes, with clients that include some of the leading businesses in New York City and abroad, as well as individuals that simply need a new sign for their event. 

There is more to making a sign than simply printing it on the right material. There are countless considerations that need to be made in order to make sure that the sign is able to spread the message that you are trying to share.

List of Important Sign Resources

We offer sign design services for those that need help designing an effective sign. Yet we also have a variety of helpful tools and information for those that are looking to design a sign themselves and want to learn more about how to do so effectively.

The following are resources that you can use to help you with your sign creation and development:

  • Distance & Visibility – If you want your message to be seen, read, and understood by the largest possible audience, you have to understand more about the connection between sign text and distance, as well as sign visibility. This effects things like typeface, the size of the sign text, and where you place the sign in order to maximize its viewability.
  • Effective Sign Elements – Signs are there to send a message. That means you have to match a variety of different sign elements that are all critical to ensuring that your sign is able to be effective in what you’re planning to do. This is a great starting point for understanding what makes an effective sign.
  • QR Code – QR Codes are quickly becoming a common addition to custom signs. Read this resource to get a better understanding of what QR codes are, why they’re used, and why they should be considered on your sign. At Signs NY, we can create QR codes for you if you want one added to your sign.
  • Design Elements – There are so many different design elements that you can choose from when you decide to create a custom sign. Although not all of them are necessary depending on the sign that you are creating. It will be important for you to figure out which design elements are best for you.
  • FAQ – We know you have questions. Sign NY has compiled a list of frequently asked questions for all different types of signs in order to help you make the best decision for your sign and messaging needs.
  • Customers - We’d love for you to be a customer of Signs NY, but we also know how many sign companies are out there and how difficult it can be to determine which sign company is better than another one. We’re hoping our sign customer list can help you in deciding to use Signs NY in the future. Type Style – There are countless different types of signs, and at Signs NY, our goal is to make sure that you have the perfect sign type that is best for your needs. Click on this resource to learn more about the different types and styles of signs.

At Signs NY, our passion is signs and our commitment is to the satisfaction of all of our clients. Often that means giving our clients a better understanding of how signs work and how to create one that is going to effectively communicate your message to the largest audience.

For more information about our signs, to ask any questions, or to get started with your design order, please feel free and call us today at (718) 453-8300.


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Good service, beautiful sign, fast turnaround, fair price. Next time we need a sign, we know where we will go.


Mike Slough Mike Slough

Mike Slough
5 out of 5


Great service and products! I really like the quality of material they used for my office sign. I look forward to working with SIGNS NY in the future.


Mila Lawrence Mila Lawrence

Mila Lawrence
5 out of 5


I ordered custom metal letter signs for my outlet. The thing I want that my exterior signage have to look stunning and prominent. The Signs NY professional team understands my quires and provides me the best sign for my business plus they provide the installation service as well in very affordable prices. They done their job beautifully I really appreciate their hard work. I will must contact them in future.


shahana naik shahana naik

shahana naik
5 out of 5