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Neon Sign Rentals in NYC | Temporary Neon Signs for Parties, Bars, Weddings, Theater, and More

Signs NY has many neon rental signs available for those that are interested in a custom, high quality sign for only a short period of time. Our selection is significant, and designed to be used in a variety of settings and perfect for all types of events and properties. If you are interested in a NYC sign rental, call Signs NY Today.

Movie Tapings

Movie Tapings - Rental Signs for Films and Theater

It’s important that every movie or play looks as real as possible. At Signs NY, we have movie taping sign rentals, and neon sign rentals for plays that help add to the décor and setting. Neon signs are an excellent addition to movie sets, as well as in performances across Broadway and throughout NYC to help improve the realism and add to the feeling of the viewer really being there. Our rental signs ensure that you have the perfect decoration, without paying full price for a one-time use sign.

  • Sign Width 33.16"
  • Sign Height 13.86"
  • Acrylic Base
  • Tropic Yellow Color
  • E-10 Green/Ar Color
  • Custom Size Available

Weddings – Themed and Creative Neon Rental Signs for Weddings

Every wedding has a theme. At Signs NY, we have wedding neon rental signs for even the most creative of wedding. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. Rather than purchase a sign for only one use, Signs NY makes it easy to rent a custom, attractive, wedding sign that matches whatever theme you hope to create, and develop the mood you envisioned for your special day.

  • Sign Width 19.88"
  • Sign Height 8.00"
  • Circuit Transformer
  • Ruby Red (coated)/Ar
  • Acrylic Base

Photoshoots – Signs for Capturing the Perfect Photo

Today, we take more photos in a year than previous generations took in their entire lifetime. But capturing the perfect photo can take some planning. For both photographers and casual enthusiasts, our neon sign rentals for photoshoots in NYC allows those that have an idea to turn that vision into a reality, with sign rentals that can simply be returned when the photos are complete.

  • Sign Width 16.13"
  • Sign Width 40.25"
  • 15mm Neon Tubing
  • Seacrest/Ar Color
  • Acrylic Back Base
  • Custom Size Available

Parties - Sign Rentals for Parties and Corporate Events

Ask any event planner what makes a party special, and they’ll tell you it’s in the attention to detail. That is why we have sign rentals for parties in NYC, that you can rent at a moment’s notice for any type of event. From parties in your personal life to parties in your professional life, Signs NY makes it easy to find a sign rental that matches the look you’re trying to achieve with your custom signage.

  • Sign Width 28.71"
  • Sign Height 32.38"
  • 15mm Neon Tubing
  • Horizon Blue/Ar Color
  • Tropic Yellow/Ar Color
  • Acrylic Back Base

Antiques – Signs for Antique Shops, Events, and Themes

Signs NY has classically designed sign rentals for antique companies, antique malls, or anyone that is looking to advertise their antiques for a short period of time. Great for some types of flea markets as well, our antique sign rentals add a classic look that captures attention of anyone that is interested, and draws them to your storefront.

  • Sign Width 40.00"
  • Sign Height 18.00"
  • 15mm Neon Tubing
  • C.L. Designer 24/Ar Color
  • Acrylic Back Base
Food and Cafe

Food and Cafe – Signs for Your Bar or Restaurant

Some restaurants, diners and other eateries have specials and needs that require a sign, but may not need one for the long term. At Signs NY, we have restaurant neon rental signs, bar neon signs, beer signs, and so much more. Great for special events, or even simply making sure you have a sign available while you decide on your brand, our rental signs in NYC are a great choice.

  • Sign Width 14.48"
  • Sign Height 40.00"
  • 15mm Neon Tubing
  • Emerald Green/Ar Color
  • C.L. Designer 35/Ar Color
  • Acrylic Back Base
Food and Cafe

Pubs and Bars – Signs for Nightlife

Bars and clubs are often in frequent need of neon signs, as it’s critical to find ways to attract business at night. A high quality bar or pub sign is a fantastic way to capture their attention, as the signs are extremely bright at night and great for drawing in crowds. Businesses that are not ready to permanently invest in a sign (or those decorating a play or movie with bar signs), should consider our pub sign rentals.

  • Sign Width 32.00"
  • Sign Height 14.60"
  • 15mm Neon Tubing
  • C.L. Designer 83/Ar Color
  • Acrylic Back Base
  • Custom Size Availabe
Movie Tapings

Café Signs – Signs for Coffee Shops and Morning Dining

At Signs NY, we often create permanent neon rental café signs. But we also know that not every coffee shop is certain on how it wants to make its mark, which is why neon café rental signs are a great way to make sure that your coffee shop, breakfast nook, or bagel shop is able to successfully draw in that morning coffee crowd, and get the business you need to operate.

  • Sign Width 28.00"
  • Sign Height 14.00"
  • Acrylic Base
  • C.L. Designer 83/Ar Color
  • Neon Tube 15mm
  • Custom Size Available