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Expanded PVC

Expanded PVC

Poly vinyl chloride (PVC) signs are designed for indoor and very limited outdoor use. They are sturdy and portable. PVC signs are easily customizable, so your logo or images can be prominently displayed.

Many PVC signs are used to advertise businesses like fitness centers or special events like membership specials or sales.

PVC signs work great with bold colors and clean fonts.

Benefits of PVC signs

A PVC sign is an affordable way to communicate directional signage, special events, sales, etc. PVC signs are versatile in the way you choose to display them. They can be mounted, stand on their own, or hung on a wall.

PVC signs are great for real estate signs with clear visibility of name and contact info and a logo as well. We can print on both sides of a PVC sign if that is what will work for your location and your vision.

PVC is flexible enough to fit your needs. It can be cut and shaped into what will work best for your purposes. However, most PVC frames are square or slightly rectangular, so keep that in mind when decided on where you want to put the sign and what you want it to look like.

Weaknesses of PVC signs

PVC signs are great for the outdoors, but they are sensitive to direct sunlight, so if you want to keep your sign for the long run, make sure you do not leave your sign outdoors for a prolonged period of time.

Installation and Care

To lengthen the life of your PVC sign, remember to keep your sign out of direct sunlight as the colors may fade and the shape of the sign may become deformed.
To learn more about PVC signs and other materials, contact Signs NY today at (718) 453-8300.


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Good service, beautiful sign, fast turnaround, fair price. Next time we need a sign, we know where we will go.


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Mike Slough
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Great service and products! I really like the quality of material they used for my office sign. I look forward to working with SIGNS NY in the future.


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Mila Lawrence
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I ordered custom metal letter signs for my outlet. The thing I want that my exterior signage have to look stunning and prominent. The Signs NY professional team understands my quires and provides me the best sign for my business plus they provide the installation service as well in very affordable prices. They done their job beautifully I really appreciate their hard work. I will must contact them in future.


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shahana naik
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