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How to Create the Best Possible Sign

There is no one size fits all approach to signage. But some signs that look in your mind simply may not translate to being an effective sign when it’s finally placed in its desired location. The goal of any sign is to be seen, and to make sure that whatever message you are trying to share is able to be viewed by the maximum number of people.

If you are looking to create an effective sign there are many different components you will need to consider, and you may find that what works for one sign may not work for the others. But the following are many of the most important considerations for making an effective sign.

What Makes An Effective Sign?

  • Clear Visibility at Ideal Distance – A billboard sign would not make a great door sign. A door sign would be impossible to see on a billboard. Understanding the combination of distance, color contrast, color blending, and font size to sign placement is all very important for making sure that your message is clearly shared to the audience it’s meant for.
  • Clear Message – What is it that you’re trying to share, and does your sign achieve that goal? Every sign is there to tell a message, but that message is sometimes difficult to decipher in the few seconds that people will be looking at your sign. What is your sign’s first impression? That should be what they see with a glance at your sign.
  • Noticeability – Another component of an effective sign is noticeability. When someone walks or drives by your sign, their attention is first elsewhere. Is there something about your sign that will get a person nearby to glance over? For some it’s colors. For others, it’s an eye catching picture. For others, it is simply location – and that’s fine – but it should be something that someone notices from the corner of their eye and looks over.
  • Memorability – The science of branding is complicated. Something as small as a glance can be enough to help people buy your products or services in the future. But in theory, you also want your signs to be memorable. Whatever message you’re trying to share, you want someone to remember it so that they respond to it in the future.

Every sign should also be legible, with a great choice in typeface. It should also follow basic sign best practices, such as being made with the right materials for the environment (indoor/outdoor, etc.).

Making an Effective Sign for Your Business or Event

These features only scratch the surface of what makes an effective sign, as there are intricacies that sometimes only the best sign makers can provide. But if you keep the above information in mind when creating your sign, you’ll be able to design one that shares your message the way it was meant to be shared.

For more information about the best sign techniques, or to get started on your next effective sign, contact Signs NY today at (718) 453-8300.


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Thanks to these guys I have the nicest sign on my block. The work speaks for itself


ismail salemi ismail salemi

ismail salemi
5 out of 5


I called Signs for a last minute order (Saturday) for standing banner for an event I was flying out to attend. They had it delivered to me in Manhattan the next morning (Sunday morning). The quality was great and they very reasonable price. I was really appreciative of their responsiveness and will definitely do business with them again.


Josie Josie

5 out of 5


Their sales team and installation crew worked with us very closely for a last minute exhibit at the United Nations, and their product completely exceeded our expectations, not to mention that they were able to print more affordably and faster than competing vendors. The installation team was also very flexible with the demanding schedule allotted to set up our large-scale wall wraps and floor decal. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for beautiful prints done at a professional manner.


Steven Holloway Steven Holloway

Steven Holloway
5 out of 5