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The most successful businesses know how important it is to establish a brand, attract customers, and make sure that you are doing whatever it takes to capture people’s attention. For many businesses, especially those with visible storefronts, that means making sure that your company is ready with custom Vinyl Lettering.

Every window represents an opportunity to place a custom sign that is guaranteed to make customers interested in your product and services, and at Signs NY, we do our best to create window decals and vinyl lettering that is certain to get you noticed. For more information about our window decal services, please call us today at (718) 453-8300.

Introduction to Window Decals in New York City

Signs NY is a Brooklyn based sign company. We have clients in Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, NYC, Queens, and across the Tri-State area including New Jersey, Philadelphia, and more. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve found that the best way to be successful when so many businesses are competing for your attention is to take advantage of any space that you have available

This is where custom vinyl window decals come in. Windows are large, clearly visible features of your property. Branding these with:

  • Window Lettering
  • Vinyl Decals Logos
  • Cut Vinyl Graphics and more

All helps to make sure that your window is not just a window – it is a sign that is able to grab visual attention, create a memory in the minds of your customers, and ultimately draw them into your business.

At Signs NY, we create these window decals for you, in sizes as small as a postage stamp to as large as an entire window mural. We have a variety of customization options as well for all of our window decals including, but not limited to:

  • Etched Glass Vinyl Decals
  • Frosted Vinyl Lettering
  • Store Sale Decals
  • Gold Leaf Decals
  • Custom Graphic and Color Decals

As a full service sign company, our role is to match the NYC window decal to your needs, which means that we can match PMS colors, we can create vinyl decals that act as paint mask stencils, we can create custom window lettering in NYC in a font/typeface that matches your business, and so much more.

Decals, which are often made with removable vinyl, are a great choice for all sorts of temporary/changing items as well. For example, those that want to put promotions on windows in Manhattan or Brooklyn can have us create sales decals. Those that have changing store hours depending on the season can have us create long lasting store hour decals. If you want your entire storefront to look like its own sign, we can create full color, full scale window wrap murals as well.

Your Full Service NYC Window Decal Company

It is our goal to match the needs of your business, no matter what they may be. It is why we provide vinyl window stickers in NYC that have your logo or products/services, or custom vinyl glass lettering that makes it look like there is a carving into the side of your window. We have one sided vinyl, two sided vinyl, gold leaf window lettering, and so much more.

We believe in meeting your needs, and that’s why we make sure to create all of the NYC signs that you need to help your business grow and operate. We have clients in Long Island, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and in many nearby cities as well, and we have fast turnaround and fast shipping options available to ensure that you have your sign in time for your use.

Contact Signs NY Today for Your Custom Window Decals in New York City

Whatever you need, whenever you need it. That is our promise at Signs NY, and why we make sure to print any and all types of window signs and lettering that you could need for your business. If you are interested in learning more about our window signs and services, please feel free and call us today at (718) 453-8300 for any questions, concerns, or to inquire about our graphic design services. You can also use our online order form at any time if you’re ready to get started.

For custom vinyl decals, great service, and amazingly low prices, contact Signs NY today.


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Good service, beautiful sign, fast turnaround, fair price. Next time we need a sign, we know where we will go.


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Mike Slough
5 out of 5


Great service and products! I really like the quality of material they used for my office sign. I look forward to working with SIGNS NY in the future.


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Mila Lawrence
5 out of 5


I ordered custom metal letter signs for my outlet. The thing I want that my exterior signage have to look stunning and prominent. The Signs NY professional team understands my quires and provides me the best sign for my business plus they provide the installation service as well in very affordable prices. They done their job beautifully I really appreciate their hard work. I will must contact them in future.


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shahana naik
5 out of 5