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Carved Wood

Carved Wood Signs

Carved wood signs are great for personal use as well as business use. They can be planted into the grand or hung from posts. You may have seen them used at the entrance to a cabin or even as directional signage.

Carved signs add a sense of vintage handy-work that is immediately recognizable.

Benefits of Carved Wood Signs

  • Durable
  • Professional
  • Customizable

Weaknesses of Carved Wood Signs

Carved wood signs are susceptible to the weather, so making sure they are weather treated will lengthen their life.

Carved Wood Sign Installation and Care

To maintain the integrity of your carved wood of your sign, you should make sure the wood is treated and sealed. Make sure that you when you are treating your carved wood sign ensure that you treat the entire sign. To learn more about wood signs and other materials, contact Signs NY today at (718) 453-8300.


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Good service, beautiful sign, fast turnaround, fair price. Next time we need a sign, we know where we will go.


Mike Slough Mike Slough

Mike Slough
5 out of 5


Great service and products! I really like the quality of material they used for my office sign. I look forward to working with SIGNS NY in the future.


Mila Lawrence Mila Lawrence

Mila Lawrence
5 out of 5


I ordered custom metal letter signs for my outlet. The thing I want that my exterior signage have to look stunning and prominent. The Signs NY professional team understands my quires and provides me the best sign for my business plus they provide the installation service as well in very affordable prices. They done their job beautifully I really appreciate their hard work. I will must contact them in future.


shahana naik shahana naik

shahana naik
5 out of 5