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Signs that Every Conference Room Needs

Posted on Tuesday, 21 March 2017 By Signs NY

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There are many different types of office signs. There are signs that show you where to go. There are signs that say the name of the business. There are signs that tell you how to get from one place to another. There are signs required for ADA compliance, fire safety, and so much more.

But because there are some many signs, it’s sometimes easy to forget some of the supplementary signage that is required on your property. This is especially true for areas like the conference room, where signs can be especially useful yet also frequently forgotten. 



Examples of Conference Room Signs

Conference rooms are not unlike other types of rooms on the property. That means you can put any type of sign you want there. Some companies, for example, use the conference room as a place to highlight employees of the month, or to share “Thank You” information to donors. This is a perfectly acceptable type of sign in a conference room, where people are more likely to see and explore the area.

But there are several types of signs that are smart decisions for nearly every type of conference room. These include, but are not limited to:

·        Conference Room Door Signs 
Of course, the most basic and important of all office signs for conference rooms is that of the conference room door sign. It’s always a good idea to label the conference room so that people know where they should be. Anyone looking for the conference room needs to be able to find it with ease to avoid awkwardness. Don’t forget to consider making your conference room sign ADA compliant.




·        Moving Available/In Use Signs 
As part of your conference room door sign (or as a standalone office sign) you may want to consider a moveable sign that allows those inside of the conference room to label whether the room is currently available, or whether it is in use. These door signs can be shifted as needed, and ensure that no one interrupts you during an important conversation.




·        Inner Logo/Branding 
If you have a dedicated conference room, you may want to consider adding some type of logo or wall vinyl branding. You’ll be bringing both clients and employees into this conference room. It helps to make the entire room look professional with some type of logo or branding right there in the room.




·        Wall Wraps 
Similarly, depending on the culture of your office, you may want to consider something with a bit more personality, such as a wall wrap or window wraps. You can use wall wraps to “decorate” your office with your custom graphics or design, or a window wrap to make the conference room less visible from the outside, while also decorating the room on the inside.




·        Other Meeting Room Signs 
Some people also like to put up inspirational signs, awards, and numerous other signs inside of their conference rooms. Others may not need signs directly in their conference room, but may need signs outside of their conference room that points to the direction of the room for guests.




Overall, there are clearly many different types of signage that fit the conference rooms of the modern day business. At Signs NY, we’re proud to be able to create all of the custom signage your business needs to label or identify its conference room, to provide direction, or for any other office sign purpose in NYC. For more information about any of our meeting room signs or office signs, please contact Signs NY today. 

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