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How to Install Vinyl Window Decals

Posted on Wednesday, 01 February 2017 By Signs NY

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Of all the signs we create here at Signs NY, our vinyl window signs are certainly one of the most popular. The deep colors that are possible with these types of signs and the ways that they can fit on already existing surfaces, rather than requiring any added work.

No matter the reason, these window decals are easily some of the most affordable and effective signs available in New York City. 

Installing Vinyl Window Decals in NYC

Of course, it’s one thing to order the window decal. It is quite another to install it. If it is a very large window decal and you need help installing it, Signs NY may be able to help. But for those smaller decals or the companies that want to install them on their own, the following are the quick and easy steps for making sure it is correctly installed on your property.

  • Step 1 - Clean the Window Area

First, make sure you clean the area thoroughly. You need to make sure that the glass is as free of debris, so that when you place the decal on the window, you can make sure it sticks directly to the glass. It may be a good idea to use a fast drying cleaner to ensure that the window is ready for the decals quickly. 

  • Step 2 - Mark Your Area

Make sure that you know exactly where you want the decal to start, and where you’d like it to end. A very small amount of removable tape can be a good way to ensure that you’re placing your window vinyl lettering

and window logo signs in the right place. Give yourself a little bit of room so that you don’t accidentally put the decal on the tape.

You can also tape the top of the decal to the glass and measure where it is. 

  • Step 3 - Place the Vinyl on the Area

Place the sticky side of the vinyl on the glass. Then use a credit card or some type of flat, hard item to push out any of the bubbles that may have formed beneath the vinyl decal.

  • Step 4 - Wait 

It is recommended that you give the decal some time to “set” on the glass. Depending on the decal, the wait time can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours. Talk to Signs NY to determine how long you should wait.

  • Step 5 - Remove the Protective Layer

Finally, you can remove the protective top layer gently, and you are good to go. The protective layers should be easy to remove. If you have any problems getting it off, there may have been a problem with the installation.

Contact Signs NY Today

At Signs NY, we are more than happy to help you with your window logo signs and window decals in NYC, and we would love to give you more information on not only how to install vinyl decals, but also the options we have for designs (such as gold leaf lettering). For more information, please call Signs NY today. 


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